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How LinkedIn Can Complement Your Creative Strategy

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to build connections, seek jobs, and establish your brand. This professional platform is extremely useful when used to its fullest potential. However, many people get lost in the webs of this multi-functional app. Our Frances Roy team is here to explain everything you need to know to use LinkedIn most […]

How to Unlock Your Destination’s DNA

Frank Cuypers at Destination Think! coined the term Place DNA, and here at Frances Roy we are committed to show you how to implement this for your unique destination. With all the vacation destinations in the world, it can be overwhelming to find your own competitive edge. However, finding those unique qualities, or destination DNA, […]

Why Social Media is Your Strongest Storyteller

Why social media is your strongest storyteller:     Social media, at its core, is all about stories. When social media surfaced, it was originally adopted by adolescent classmates in order to catch up with each other’s lives. Now, platforms are a powerful tool for brands to showcase their unique personalities and missions every day. […]

8 Ways to Utilize Snapchat to Promote Your Brand

If your target  demographic falls between ages 18-34, we strongly recommend adding Snapchat to your marketing mix. Snapchat brings a level of authenticity to your brand that other social media outlets simply aren’t able to. Snapchat stories are an essential tool in building a community within your customer base and increasing your audience  through exciting […]