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Navigating Media with FRA

by Frances Roy Agency • March 1, 2021

Meet the Guests  Frances Roy Agency Content Director Hillaree Durso and Marketing Manager Kelsey Doar joined Shantelle on microphone this week along with former FRA Intern Alicia Perez and former FRA Public Relations Strategist Erin Rosetti to discuss our final core service, Media. Within the realm of media, we complete media relations, press release writing […]

Everything Digital with FRA

by Frances Roy Agency • February 22, 2021

Meet the Guests  FRA Content Director Hillaree Durso, Marketing Manager Kelsey Doar, and Art Assistant Kayla Koger join Shantelle to talk about all things digital. As one of our four core services, all of the work we complete for our clients includes some sort of a digital component.  Cliff Notes  The digital space encompasses social […]

Deliberate Design with FRA

by Frances Roy Agency • February 15, 2021

Meet the Guests  Two members of our art department join Shantelle on the Hello Frances Podcast to discuss the deliberate design. Our art director Janae Erickson and brand designer Rinn Garlanger share how they first became affiliated with the agency and their expertise in the design industry.  Cliff Notes  Last week we discussed the importance […]

Start with Strategy, Part 1 of Frances Roy Service Series

by Frances Roy Agency • February 8, 2021

Cliff Notes Shantelle kicks off our four-part series featuring Frances Roy Agency’s core services with a conversation about the importance of strategy. Strategy is the foundation of FRA and the work we complete for our clients. We strongly believe this foundation provides the structure for businesses to stand the test of time. Brand strategy takes […]

Trust and Transparency – Keys to Brand Loyalty

by Frances Roy Agency • February 2, 2021

What makes you feel at home with a brand, or with a person for that matter? What inspires your loyalty, sparks your passion, or motivates your purchasing patterns? There are a thousand different ways to answer these questions, but I would argue for trust and transparency as the key pieces of the puzzle. This week […]

Turning the Tables on Trust with Guest Host Meredith Freeman

by Frances Roy Agency • February 1, 2021

Meet the Guest We turned the tables this week – our very own Shantelle Dedicke joins us on the podcast! Meredith Freeman, who interned with us last summer, follows up on some of their powerful conversations. One of Meredith’s favorite parts of FRA culture is the atmosphere of trust and family, and Shantelle lives this […]

How to Submit Your Resume to an Agency

by Frances Roy Agency • January 26, 2021

Whether you are a college student seeking an internship or a seasoned professional looking to make a career change, applying for jobs is rarely a seamless experience. We receive countless amounts of resumes and job requests, but some stand out among the crowd. Here’s how to ensure your pitch to a potential employer will not […]

The Clubhouse Conversation, Part 2

by Frances Roy Agency • January 21, 2021

Meet the Guests  Jonathan Jernigan and Cali Hlavac join Shantelle and Hillaree on this episode of the Hello Frances Podcast. Cali is a social media marketer, a podcast host, and the Founder and Creative Director of To Do in Destin. You may remember her from our Enneagrams & The Workplace series where she was our […]

Local Brands Killing It on Facebook 

by Frances Roy Agency • January 19, 2021

With billions of users worldwide, it’s now rare to find individuals, not on Facebook. With its growing popularity, the same goes for businesses as well. So many local businesses use this free platform to communicate with their audience and build community online.  Here are a few organizations in our community that successfully utilize this communication […]

Content Play, Clubhouse, and After the Hello

by Frances Roy Agency • January 18, 2021

Cliff Notes  Shantelle records this episode from the beautiful white sand beaches of Destin where she shares what our team is doing there and the importance of trying new things and breaking away from our normal everyday monotonous routines. One new thing our team has tried lately is the new social media platform Clubhouse. Have […]