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Engaging Your Stakeholders and Why It’s Important to Have a Soundboard

by Frances Roy Agency • June 8, 2018

A stakeholder is a person, group, or organization that has interest or concern in a business. This includes anyone whose actions determine the outcome of business decisions such as investors, business partners, employees, the government, community members, and more. Being able to collaborate and use your stakeholders as a soundboard is essential to any project […]

Why Startup Culture Leads to the Best Work Environment

by Frances Roy Agency • May 18, 2018

Startups allow for creativity, flexibility, and collaboration in a way that other companies cannot. They are a breeding ground for innovation and new ideas. Although startups can’t offer the perks of corporate jobs, startup culture alone is a plus. Below we’ve outline why startup culture fosters the best work environments.   Collaboration – Startup culture thrives […]

Frances Roy’s Favorite Podcasts

by Frances Roy Agency • April 27, 2018

Podcasts make commutes faster, workouts more bearable, and downtime down-right fun. For those immersed in the world of podcasts, one could say listening becomes an obsession. There are infinite podcasts that exist and finding your favorite takes some trial and error, but is definitely worth it. Here are some of our team‘s recommendations to help […]

What Your Favorite Social Media Platform Says About You

by Frances Roy Agency • April 20, 2018

Social media has become the tool for brand awareness. However, with all the platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is the best fit for you. No worries – we’re here to show you which platform is best for you and your brand…and how to use it most effectively. Facebook You’re […]

How Blogs Amplify Your Brand’s Message

by Frances Roy Agency • March 30, 2018

Blogs seem to be evolving into an essential tool for any business’ website. Jumping on this trend might seem intimidating. However, with tools such as WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, and more, anyone can create an easy-to-manage blogging platform, even if they don’t have advanced graphic skills. Blogs are an important investment to make, as 60 percent […]

Frances Roy’s Must-See Workplace TV Shows

by Frances Roy Agency • March 20, 2018

TV shows are today’s universal way of storytelling. They serve as more than escapism —  they make us laugh, cry, and teach us life lessons. In the workplace, our favorite tv shows can help foster a healthy work environment and increase productivity. Here at Frances Roy, we believe entertainment serves a healthy place in the […]

How LinkedIn Can Complement Your Creative Strategy

by Frances Roy Agency • March 9, 2018

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to build connections, seek jobs, and establish your brand. This professional platform is extremely useful when used to its fullest potential. However, many people get lost in the webs of this multi-functional app. Our Frances Roy team is here to explain everything you need to know to build an effective […]

How to Unlock Your Destination’s DNA

by Frances Roy Agency • March 1, 2018

Frank Cuypers at Destination Think! coined the term Place DNA, and here at Frances Roy we are committed to show you how to implement this for your unique destination. With all the vacation destinations in the world, it can be overwhelming to find your own competitive edge. However, finding your destination’s unique qualities, or destination […]

Why Social Media is Your Strongest Storyteller

by Frances Roy Agency • February 19, 2018

Why social media is your strongest storyteller:     Social media, at its core, is all about stories. When social media surfaced, it was originally adopted by adolescent classmates in order to catch up with each other’s lives. Now, platforms are a powerful tool for brands to showcase their unique personalities and missions every day. […]

8 Ways to Utilize Snapchat to Promote Your Brand

by Frances Roy Agency • February 19, 2018

If your target  demographic falls between ages 18-34, we strongly recommend adding Snapchat to your marketing mix. Snapchat brings a level of authenticity to your brand that other social media outlets simply aren’t able to. Snapchat stories are an essential tool in building a community within your customer base and increasing your audience  through exciting […]