Grand Fitness

The owners at Grand Fitness knew there is no value in owning the area’s most high-end fitness facility if no one knows it exists. Grand Fitness hired Frances Roy to communicate to prospective members through strong design and strategic content. We created marketing campaigns, content strategies, website design, and video and photoshoots, increasing members through various economic climates and competitive sets.

In regards to fitness culture, the next big thing happens everyday. Consistent messaging and continuous evaluation in response to changes in technology, culture, and landscape are critical.

Grand Fitness Flyers, Frances Roy Agency

Grand Fitness Schedule Rack Card, Frances Roy Agency

Grand Fitness, Instagram Stories, Frances Roy Agency

Grand Fitness Trainer Headshots
  • Group fitness class at gym working with weights and resistance bands
  • Interior of gym with workout equipment, weights, and benches
  • Personal trainer teaching client seated low cable row
  • Personal trainer teaching client weighted walking lunges
  • Personal trainer teaching client rowing machine techniques
  • Personal trainer teaching client rowing machine techniques
  • Group fitness class using medicine ball to do v-sits with a twist
  • Interior of gym with people working out
  • Female gym member using cables to do standing pull ups
  • Group fitness class using weights and doing hip thrusts
  • Group fitness class doing side lunges
  • Personal trainer working with client on cable arm pulls
  • Group of women in fitness class doing planks
Grand Fitness Lifestyle Shoot