Newman Dailey Resort Properties, Inc.

Newman Dailey’s strong internal marketing team works closely with FRA to develop holistic strategies carrying their guests from moment of inspiration to the post-travel halo. This award-winning team looks to the future and entrusts FRA with a myriad of exciting projects such as a brand refresh, new campaign designs, updated photography, and social media consultation.

Strong marketing can always use an outsider perspective and fresh creativity. We are honored the Newman Dailey team welcomes our team collaboration.

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Newman Dailey Resort Properties Reward Icons, Destin FL, Frances Roy Agency

  • Drone shot of homes along the gulf of Mexico, Emerald Coast
  • Couple standing on balcony at sunset on the gulf of Mexico
  • Grandpa teaching young grandson fishing along the gulf of Mexico
  • Brother and sister building sand castles in the sand along the gulf of Mexico
  • Father and son playing airplane on the beach with family digging in the sand
  • Family walking along the waters of the gulf of Mexico
  • Family playing games on balcony overlooking the gulf of Mexico
  • Mom paddle boarding with children in the gulf of Mexico
  • Kid skim boarding against waves in the gulf of Mexico
  • Mother and daughters on balcony watching the sun set over the gulf of Mexico
Newman Dailey Resort Properties – Family Beach Shoot