Frances Roy begins every client relationship and project by developing a strategy that will accomplish your business goals. Our approach to developing strategy is deeply relational–we want to know and understand how every important element of your business and audience are connected. We begin the strategy development process with far-reaching conversations and in-depth listening and we augment that with extensive research on your company, competitors and target audience, incorporating qualitative and quantitative research. A well-defined strategy ensures that all partners are executing against the same plan and that every effort works to accomplish your defined objectives. We believe a well-defined strategy is a blueprint for success.


We bring unique and powerful brands to life and evolve existing brands so they’re reflective of the direction your company is moving in.

Narrative & Storycrafting

We don’t just work to get the story right, we shape and hone it for maximum impact with each of your key audiences, on every platform it’s shared.


Sometimes you just need the strategy or the concept, and we love collaborating with you to generate a successful option.


We consult with business owners and executive teams in both the private sector and non-profit space in a variety of areas, including brand strategy, product development, and more.

Certified Event Management

Events that appear effortless and flawless take a team of experts to execute. We’re your team.

Startup Launch

You’ve developed a new product or service, let us help you create the launch campaign that ensures your target audience has the opportunity to learn about it and embrace it.






What can we do for your business?