Hillaree Durso

Senior Director of Content and Marketing

Hillaree Durso’s journey at the Frances Roy Agency began in 2017 when she was hired as the agency’s first employee. Her first role was PR and Social Media Marketing Manager. In May 2018, her responsibilities evolved and led to a promotion as Content Director. Through the years, Hillaree has been part of strategic planning and implementation for all clients, award-winning photo and video shoots, successful public relations and social media campaigns, community leadership involvement, and continues to push the boundaries of content in our local area. 

Hillaree believes in Frances Roy’s core values and shares similar values in her personal life. Forever an optimist, curious creative, and team player, Hillaree finds that with a positive mindset, a collaborative team and a strong cup of coffee you can conquer anything.

Hillaree graduated from the University of West Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, specializing in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing Applications. 

Board Service
VP of Image Awards, NWF Chapter Florida Public Relations Association
Dog-Harmony Inc

“Life changes for the better when we realize we don’t have to know everything and we don’t have to pretend that we do.” – Simon Sinek

Personality Indicators
Type 6 wing 7 | ESFJ | Aries | Hufflepuff

Bucket List Destinations
Northern Italy | Maldives | Greece

Wine | Cooking | Traveling