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Finding inspiration in wedding invitations and other insights from our Art Director Janae Erickson

We are launching a new blog series featuring some of our team members who work diligently to bring clients’ dreams to life every single day. First up is our Art Director Janae Erickson. Janae graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a focus on Animation. (We piqued your curiosity, […]

We Are Story Crafters!

It's a ubiquitous buzzword — storytelling — used on almost every website for every creative agency in existence. We at Frances Roy Agency firmly believe that we are privileged to craft the stories of our incredible clients. But these stories have already been created. They are at the heart of the companies and brands we [...]

Calling All Thinkers, Dreamers and Doers

You may have read that we recently launched a new initiative — Emerging Creatives. We’re on a bold mission to help 18-24 year old creatives thrive in our community. We want to see your skills and capabilities honed to their fullest potential, and ultimately, we want you to recognize how your assets benefit the local area. […]

R.W.L. (Read, Watch, Listen)

Here at Frances Roy, we seek motivation and inspiration through books, movies, podcasts, music, magazines, blogs, and so forth. Creativity presents itself in many forms and we harness that creativity through these exposures. By sharing our team RWL’s with you, we hope to extend this inspiration and offer it as a platform for contagious creativity. […]

The Power of Video

It’s everywhere — you’re casually scrolling your feeds for interesting content from your family, friends and favorite brands, and suddenly the silence of your scroll turns into sounds of a dog singing along to Adele. Video is the absolute king of content, and we’re happy that Facebook and other platforms have changed settings to ensure […]

Website or Facebook?

It’s one of the newest age-old questions. Should you invest in developing a website to house information about your products and services, or should you lean on a Facebook page to tell your brand story and engage your audiences? We think it depends on your goals. We’ve developed a list of questions below that might […]

Conquer the New Facebook Algorithm Changes

Facebook is notorious for changing up its algorithms just as digital marketers adapt and adjust! Here’s what you need to know to keep your presence strong and engaging. Posts are becoming more friends oriented, which means less ads and clickbait. Facebook seeks to eliminate the passive usage of ads, as the company  believes ads invoke […]

National Travel and Tourism Week

Happy National Travel & Tourism Week! What is National Travel and Tourism Week? National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW), now in its 34th year, is the annual salute to travel in America. During the first full week in May, communities nationwide unite to showcase the impact of travel to policymakers, business leaders and local media [...]

Choctawhatchee Bay Estuary Program

At Okaloosa County, we have been pursuing a grant to launch an Estuary Program for Choctawhatchee Bay, a monumental undertaking that would help protect water quality for generations to come. We needed a logo and infographic that would convey the importance of this program to elected officials, environmental staffers, and the general public. Shantelle has […]