Integrate Podcasting Into Your Marketing Strategy
Have you thought about starting a podcast for your business? Having a consistent podcast schedule with valuable content can increase your brand’s awareness and strengthen your relationship with your current audience. Here are a few ways to integrate your podcast into your overall marketing strateg...
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How to Boost Your Business' Online Reviews
You have great sales, and your customers are happy with your product/service, but they aren’t leaving online reviews. How do you ask them to spread the word about their positive experience? Here we share a few ways to approach this could-be-awkward conversation with confidence to enhance your comp...
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Resources from Todd Henry
If you’ve listened to our latest podcast episode with Todd Henry, you know he references many of his books, podcasts, and more throughout the episode. We rounded up all of his resources so you can learn even more from his expertise!    Books  The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at ...
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How Wearable Tech Can Help You Optimize
Wearable technology is a great tool to add to your routine to help monitor, analyze, and ideally optimize aspects of your daily life. Tracking sleep, activity, fitness, and more can not only give us information about our habits, but it can also help us implement effective time management, movement, ...
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Having a LinkedIn Account Matters - Here is Why
Professionals and college students are encouraged to have a LinkedIn account, but why is it important? Let’s dive into three main reasons why a LinkedIn account will help your career! Build Connections LinkedIn is an excellent place for networking with other professionals. Your LinkedIn connection...
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Celebrate Earth Day on the Emerald Coast
As Earth Day approaches, we all can do our part in protecting this beautiful planet that we call home. Here we rounded up what you can do to celebrate Earth Day along Florida's Emerald Coast.  Support Audubon Florida and the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance.   Audubon Florida is the state's most inf...
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Herding Tigers: Key Takeaways from Todd Henry’s Book
While reading this book, my mind kept going back to Siegfried & Roy. Maybe that’s the Type 8 in me, but my memory of the duo was that a tiger ate someone. Period. Roy was mauled and drug offstage by his tiger, Mantacore, but I guarantee most people remember Roy dying in this “accident.” Th...
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R.W.L. (Read, Watch, Listen)
Here at Frances Roy, we seek motivation and inspiration through books, movies, podcasts, music, magazines, blogs, and so forth. Creativity presents itself in many forms and we harness that creativity through these exposures. By sharing our team RWL’s with you, we hope to extend this inspiration an...
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Tips for Event Planning in 2022 
As we make our way through 2022, we quickly learn that some things make event planning easier. Our team finds solutions and tactics for each of our clients to help navigate through event planning. The result? We uncovered these top three tips your business should consider when planning an event. Res...
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Learn How to Create an Instagram Reel From Our Intern, Jacie
Have you used Instagram Reels? With the everchanging Instagram algorithm and the competition from TikTok, Reels continue to increase in popularity. These short trendy videos are the perfect opportunity to reach new audiences and boost engagement. Although they can help you reach your target audience...
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