Hello Frances.

Hello Frances is a podcast for curious creatives and nano entrepreneurs who seek knowledge, purpose, and community brought to you by creative firm and solutionist agency, Frances Roy. Recorded at the Frances Roy office in Niceville, Florida, listeners enjoy access to “real people” growing through “real shit”. A lineup of guests, friends, and mentors candidly share their diverse wisdom and experience. Never to exceed 30 minutes, this refreshing podcast is an easy addition to your playlist of favorites.

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Embracing Creative Enlightenment

Cliff Notes As promised, Shantelle is continuing our conversation from last week to expand upon two points she made in our “4 Lessons in 4 Years” podcast –  seek inspiration, don’t copy, and prepare for an evolution. She explains why scrolling on Instagram and scouring Pinterest is not actually helping your creative process. She encourages listeners […]

4 Lessons in 4 Years

Cliff Notes  Shantelle is on the microphone this week to share some of the main takeaways she has learned in the past few years of business. This week Frances Roy celebrates its fourth year as an agency, and to commemorate, Shantelle is sharing four things she has learned along the way. Here are two: Seek […]

Meet Dog-Harmony with Nancy Bown

Meet the Guest  Nancy Bown joins Shantelle on this week’s episode of the Hello Frances podcast to talk about Dog-Harmony, a nonprofit organization she founded in 2015. As a dog trainer, Nancy saw many dogs being surrendered and began research to discover why this continued to happen. The missing component was education. After this discovery, […]

Build a Network with Gail Pelto

Meet the Guest Gail Pelto joins Shantelle on the microphone on this week’s episode of the Hello Frances Podcast to discuss the importance of building a network. Gail is a local realtor and a partner with our area’s Master Networks group. She has used her background in the hospitality industry to make her the successful, […]

Enneagram Wings with the FRA Team

Meet the Guests  All of the FRA team members are together again on the Hello Frances podcast! Greg, Janae, Hillaree, Kelsey, Jodie, Gregory, Kayla, and Meredith join Shantelle on the microphone this week to dive deeper into our discussions about enneagram types. After our first enneagram episode was so well-received, we decided to cover more, […]

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