Hello Frances.

Hello Frances is a podcast for curious creatives and nano entrepreneurs who seek knowledge, purpose, and community brought to you by creative firm and solutionist agency, Frances Roy. Recorded at the Frances Roy office in Niceville, Florida, listeners enjoy access to “real people” growing through “real shit”. A lineup of guests, friends, and mentors candidly share their diverse wisdom and experience. Never to exceed 30 minutes, this refreshing podcast is an easy addition to your playlist of favorites.

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Enneagram Types with the FRA Team

Meet the Guests All of the FRA team members are together again on the Hello Frances podcast! Greg, Janae, Hillaree, Kelsey, Jodie, Gregory, Kayla, and our summer intern Meredith join Shantelle on the microphone this week to discuss our enneagram types and how we use them to effectively collaborate with one another. Cliff Notes Our […]

Publishing Your Passion

Meet Our Guest  Lori Leath Smith, publisher of Bay Life, Destin Life and SoWal Life, joins us on this week’s episode of the Hello Frances podcast to share her insight on publishing your passion. Lori started her career as a writer and editor for Southern Living. After this life-changing experience, she began her own media […]

Managing Workflow with the FRA Team

Meet Our Guests All of the FRA team members are together on the Hello Frances podcast for the first time! Greg, Janae, Hillaree, Kelsey, Jodie, Gregory, and Kayla join Shantelle on the microphone this week to discuss how we’ve been managing working from home and how we are now transitioning back to the office. Cliff […]

Q&A with THE Frances 

Meet the Guest  Frances Warner, Shantelle’s grandma and our agency’s namesake, is back as our guest on the podcast! Frances (Memaw) is a strong, hard-working woman who takes a no-fail approach to everything in life. Back by popular demand, Frances is answering listener questions in this episode of the Hello Frances Podcast. If you haven’t […]

Enjoying the Creative Journey with Maxine Bern

Meet the Guest  Maxine Orange Bern joins us on the microphone this week! She holds many positions within our community – local artist, Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation board member, podcast host, Artworx curator, and many more! As she pivots with the times, she is now sharing her art with the world through digital downloads. Cliff […]

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