Hello Frances.

Hello Frances is a podcast for curious creatives and nano entrepreneurs who seek knowledge, purpose, and community. Hello Frances is brought to you by the creative firm and solutionist agency, Frances Roy, and recorded at the Frances Roy office in Niceville, Florida. A lineup of guests, friends, and mentors candidly share their diverse wisdom and experience. Never to exceed 30 minutes, this refreshing podcast is an easy addition to your playlist of favorites. Come back weekly for new episodes!
Mental Health and Imposter Syndrome with Erin Rosetti
Shantelle recorded this week’s episode of the Hello Frances podcast with special guest Erin Rosetti, a former member of the Frances Roy team. Erin is an award-winning strategic communicator, passionate storyteller and issues management professional currently working as the Communications Manager f...
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Just Breathe; Live podcast recording with McKenzie Burleigh
During the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) Communications Summit, hosted by the Northwest Florida Gulf Coast Chapter, Shantelle recorded this week’s episode of the Hello Frances podcast with a live audience and special guest McKenzie Burleigh. McKenzie is Associate Publisher at Rowland...
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Creating Dynamic Organizations with Paul Breitman
Former Assistant Vice President of Princeton University Services at Princeton University Paul Breitman joins our host Shantelle Dedicke for this episode of the Hello Frances Podcast. Paul shares what traits and values are important to dynamic organizations, what steps you need to take to be a dynami...
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Implementing Balance, Nourishment, and Satisfaction with Hopewell Health
Registered Dietitian and owner of Hopewell Health, Hope Brandt, joins our host Shantelle Dedicke for this episode of the Hello Frances Podcast. Hope shares tips on how to manage your energy from a nutritional standpoint, what has been a game changer for developing her business, advice she would give...
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Benefits of a Hybrid Workplace
Our Marketing Manager Kelsey joins Shantelle on the Hello Frances Podcast this week to discuss the ever-changing landscape of the workplace. They discuss the benefits of a hybrid workplace from both the employer and employee perspective, how to balance business needs and fairness, and how to impleme...
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Healthy Workplace Boundaries
Setting healthy boundaries in the workplace is different for each individual, but when they are set you’re sure to be more energized and productive. Shantelle Dedicke hosts this week’s episode of the Hello Frances Podcast with guest host Hillaree Durso to explain their experiences with settings ...
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Year of the Team
July 1st marks the 6th year of Frances Roy Agency and we’re making this year all about our team. This week, host Shantelle Dedicke is joined by some of our team members to discuss goals and inspirations for year 6 and more. Make sure to follow along with us over the next year as we […]...
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Graphic Design Myths with Kayla Koger and Jacie Chandler
Although graphic design has evolved throughout recent years, many still believe common myths about this ever-changing art form. Our Design and Content Coordinator Kayla Koger and Junior Copywriter Jacie Chandler host this week’s episode of the Hello Frances Podcast to share their takes on a few co...
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Align for Impact with Shantelle Dedicke
Business owners often find themselves faced with big decisions they have to make that affect their business, their employees, and their future. Recently, Shantelle had to make an important decision for Frances Roy, and with doing her research, she began to consider her intentions and if they aligned...
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From Intern to Hire with Jacie Chandler, Junior Copywriter of Frances Roy Agency
Jacie Chandler, former Intern and current Junior Copywriter of the Frances Roy Agency is the host of this week's episode of the Hello Frances Podcast. In this episode, she discusses her time as an intern and why she believes internships are important. She shares some key takeaways from her time at F...
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