Hello Frances.

Hello Frances is a podcast for curious creatives and nano entrepreneurs who seek knowledge, purpose, and community. Hello Frances is brought to you by the creative firm and solutionist agency, Frances Roy, and recorded at the Frances Roy office in Niceville, Florida. A lineup of guests, friends, and mentors candidly share their diverse wisdom and experience. Never to exceed 30 minutes, this refreshing podcast is an easy addition to your playlist of favorites. Come back weekly for new episodes!
Step Together with Maureen Bierman from Step One Automotive Group
Director of Marketing and Community Relations at Step One Automotive Group, Maureen Bierman, joins us on this episode of the Hello Frances Podcast to discuss their past five years of business and their upcoming celebration for their anniversary. Maureen shares the exciting details of their Step One ...
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Running a Creative Business with Elizabeth Waterman of Black and Gold Agency
Photographer and Black and Gold Agency owner Elizabeth Waterman joins us on this episode of the Hello Frances Podcast to share her journey in the creative world and owning and operating her creative agency. Elizabeth shares how her business has evolved throughout the years, where she plans to take B...
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Community Arts Initiatives with Demetrius Fuller
CEO of the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation, Demetrius Fuller, joins us again on the Hello Frances Podcast this week to share MKAF updates. Shantelle and Demetrius discuss the importance of art in a community, the mental health benefits art can provide, the impact of art on culture, and so much more. De...
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4 Tips To Gain Customer Reviews
Do you know your customers are happy with your products or services, but your online presence doesn’t showcase all of your loyal patrons' great experiences with your business? Our design and content coordinator Kayla Koger hosts this week's episode of the Hello Frances Podcast to share a few ways ...
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Herding Tigers with Todd Henry
After hearing our review podcast about his book Herding Tigers, author Todd Henry joins us on the Hello Frances Podcast this week. Todd is the founder and host of the Accidental Creative Podcast, an author, and an international speaker where he shares his expertise on creativity, productivity, and p...
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Optimal Performance and Wearable Tech
Do you have any wearable technology that you use to optimize your performance? Shantelle has been implementing new technologies into her routine to analyze and monitor important aspects of her daily life in hopes of optimization. Listen to this week’s episode of the Hello Frances Podcast to learn ...
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10th Annual Destin Rotary Crawfish Bash with Marcia Hull
Former podcast guest Marcia Hull is back again on the Hello Frances Podcast! This week Shantelle and Marcia share about the upcoming 10th Annual Destin Rotary Crawfish Bash. As the chairperson of this year’s event and with nearly 30 years of service to the Rotary Club, Marcia explains what you can...
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Meet Our Intern with Jacie Chandler, Shantelle Dedicke, and Hillaree Durso
Have you met our intern Jacie yet? We continue to learn so much from Jacie during her time with us at Frances Roy and this week we invited her on the Hello Frances Podcast to introduce her! In this episode, Jacie shares what made her pursue a career in communications, her future career plans, her [&...
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Avoid the 3 Cs
Shantelle recently read an article in her alma mater ASU’s Thrive Magazine that reminded her of something she needed to hear. In this episode, Shantelle shares her insight from the article written by May Busch, the former COO of Morgan Stanley Europe. In the article, May shares the 3 Cs you should...
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Book Review | Herding Tigers
In this episode of the Hello Frances Podcast, Shantelle and Hillaree discuss a leadership book they recently read called Herding Tigers: Be The Leader That Creative People Need by Todd Henry. In learning about piloting creative teams, Shantelle and Hillaree share their biggest takeaways from the boo...
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