Our Story

The Story of Frances + Roy

Founder Shantelle Dedicke named her marketing agency the way you name any baby – after the people you love, the people who inspire you. In Shantelle’s case, it is her paternal grandparents on the Warner side. Frances and Roy Warner live a simple, full, authentic life in Kentucky. From the vantage point of both Shantelle, the little girl, and Shantelle, the entrepreneur, they hold the secrets to success. Frances (Memaw) is a strong, hard-working woman who takes a no-fail approach to everything in life. She believes in always doing what is right, and in never taking the easy way out. A child of the depression who grew up on a tobacco farm, Frances is frugal and seriously intuitive. Like Shantelle, she has been well served over the years by listening to her gut.

Like all Warners, Frances’ husband Roy (Papaw) is a storyteller. Whether he’s around a campfire or at the dinner table – on his knees in the garden or perched in his favorite chair in the living room surrounded by family – Roy can weave a tale that captivates anyone within earshot. Shantelle learned how to spin a yarn at Papaw’s knee – a skill that has come in handy throughout her career. Storytelling is, after all, the essence of great advertising.

Today, the values Frances and Roy live by are the core values of Frances Roy, the agency that bears their name.



Don’t Be Afraid to TAKE CHANCES

HARD WORK is the Best Work

NEVER SETTLE for Less Than Your Best

GIVE Generously

These values are our guiding principles.

If you share them, we want to work with you.

About Our Logo

The Frances Roy logo was inspired by Frances Warner’s own handwriting. It harkens back to a time when communication was personal. When people cared about building relationships. When they made time to express their ideas, and they chose their words carefully because those words were a reflection of who they were and what they stood for. Our commitment to our clients is a personalized relationship yielding personalized results, every step of the way.


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