Hello Frances.

Hello Frances is a podcast for curious creatives and nano entrepreneurs who seek knowledge, purpose, and community. Hello Frances is brought to you by the creative firm and solutionist agency, Frances Roy, and recorded at the Frances Roy office in Niceville, Florida. A lineup of guests, friends, and mentors candidly share their diverse wisdom and experience. Never to exceed 30 minutes, this refreshing podcast is an easy addition to your playlist of favorites. Come back weekly for new episodes!
Adobe Creative Types: Should You Take the Test?
This week Shantelle shares our team’s recent discovery of the Adobe Creative Types test. We have taken many personality evaluations before, but this Adobe test shares insight into your creative personality. Through a series of 15 questions, the assessment not only determines your creative style bu...
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“Unlock Your Potential” with Hillarie Kay
In this week’s episode of the Hello Frances Podcast, we interview self-proclaimed Enneagram Burnout Coach Hillarie Kay. Hillarie shares how to unlock your potential by utilizing the Enneagram as a tool to learn more about yourself and how you handle stress. She shares how each Enneagram type acts ...
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Implementing Canva with Austin Miller
Our Design & Content Coordinator Kayla Koger gave you the basics of using Canva for your brand in our Canva 101 podcast episode. This week on the Hello Frances Podcast, our Digital Marketing Specialist Gregory Dedicke interviews Austin Miller, the Customer Engagement Director for Modlite Systems...
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BOLD CREATIVITY w/ Mary Aho & Steve Barber (Scarlett Magazine)
Father and daughter duo Steve Barber and Mary Aho join us on this episode of the Hello Frances Podcast to discuss their shared creative venture, Scarlett Magazine. With a bold stance and a goal to empower women, Scarlett Magazine shares the latest in women's fashion, beauty, home decor, lifestyle, a...
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Canva 101
Our Frances Roy Agency Design and Content Coordinator, Kayla Koger, takes the microphone this week to talk about the online design platform, Canva. She teaches the basics of using this as a tool and how it can be a great addition to your design strategy. The program is ideal for design beginners or ...
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When to Challenge. When to Contribute.
Inspired by an Adam Grant tweet, Shantelle discusses learning the difference between the right opportunity to challenge and the right opportunity to contribute. A natural challenger, Shantelle actively works on challenging with a solution in mind while remaining open-minded. She shares her insight o...
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List of Things to Stop Doing
In today’s fast-paced world, we overconsume all the things we think we “should'' be doing. We fill up our calendars and create unnecessary stress when we put too much on our plate. In this episode of the Hello Frances Podcast, Shantelle shares her list of what she wants to stop, including multit...
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Life Hacks with Frances
Frances Warner, Shantelle’s grandma and our agency’s namesake, joins us on this week’s episode of the Hello Frances Podcast. Frances shares her advice on how we can spend our time, use our resources wisely, and stay positive throughout these uncertain times. Shantelle and Frances discuss so ma...
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What Comes Next?
It’s 2022 🎉 As we say goodbye to our fifth year in business and begin our sixth, we consider what is next for the Frances Roy Agency. After the death of a close friend, Shantelle reconsiders what’s important and how she wants to live her life and lead her business moving forward. As she enter...
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Goodbye, 2021!
Our entire team joins Shantelle on the microphone for our last Hello Frances Podcast episode of 2021. Each person shares one word they would use to describe the past year, their favorite project of the year, and where we see Frances Roy heading in 2022. We reflect on another year of the Hello France...
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