Three New Instagram Features You’ll Want to Utilize 
Here at Frances Roy, we’re constantly learning to adapt to new changes and embracing new features that roll out on social media platforms. Recently, Instagram released upgrades that garner more collaboration and inspiration for its users. Here are a few of our favorite new additions.  Add up ...
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Perfect in Walton County Award Nominations
The Perfect in Walton County Awards celebrate the people, places, and activities in Walton County that are, well, perfect! A few of our clients and friends fall into this category, so we’ll be nominating them to ensure they receive the recognition they deserve, will you join us?  Here’s who...
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R.W.L. (Read, Watch, Listen)
Here at Frances Roy, we seek motivation and inspiration through books, movies, podcasts, music, magazines, blogs, and more. Creativity presents itself in many forms and we harness that creativity through these exposures. By sharing our team RWL’s with you, we hope to extend this inspiration and of...
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Finest on the Emerald Coast Nominations
The Finest on the Emerald Coast Awards celebrate and recognize the best our community has to offer, and a few of our clients and friends have been nominated! We’ll be voting to ensure they receive the recognition they deserve, will you join us? Here’s who we’re voting for in the 2023 Finest of...
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Upcoming Local Events
From local networking events to summer celebrations and festivals, we’ve gathered up a few of the most-anticipated events happening in the next few months so you can easily add them to your calendar! July Summer Climbing Club for Kids (7-9 years old) at Rock Out July 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31s...
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Our Favorites for The Favies 
FACES Pensacola magazine highlights Pensacola's favorite faces and places and recently launched a new premier award competition - The Favies - to share local community members’ favorite faces and places.  A few of our clients and friends are among the best organizations, events, and eateries ...
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10 Pinterest Design Boards to Fuel Creativity
We’re constantly finding inspiration in the things around us, and Pinterest boards are no exception. If you’re looking for ways to add creativity to your design process or don’t know where to start a project, we recommend browsing these 10 Pinterest design boards for a creative spark! Web Desi...
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Influencer Marketing 101
Influencer marketing has grown exponentially in recent years. In this type of marketing, brands collaborate with popular social media accounts within their niche to promote their business message to a larger audience. Rather than marketing directly to your current audience, you work with relevant in...
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5 Great Public Relations Campaigns
A public relations campaign is a series of planned activities designed to give a company or brand exposure. The goal of a public relations campaign is to engage your audience, resulting in a buzz about your company. Many public relations campaigns flop because they come off as insincere, salesy, or ...
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What is content batching?
Content batching is when you create all your captions and visual content during a set time for a week, two weeks, or even a month in advance for your social channels. By batching content, you can focus your creative energy and plan more content, creating a more cohesive approach to your social media...
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