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Patience and active listening are key for client success and other tips from Business & Events Manager Annalise Dedicke

Frances Roy Agency Business & Events Manager Annalise Dedicke was inspired by the world of marketing from an early age. She says, “My favorite part was being able to go to conventions with my mom and learn what it truly meant to be a marketer.” She knew that her skill sets and talents would be [...]

A Prediction for the New Year

Let me begin with what we are not: we are not a social media agency and we are also not a public relations agency. Frances Roy has and always will be a creative marketing agency deeply rooted in relationship building and backed by strategy. I say this because we get siloed into one or the […]

Change your scenery and get creative with our Content Director Hillaree Durso

Hillaree Durso is the content extraordinaire (a.k.a. Content Director) for the Frances Roy team. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts, majoring in Public Relations. She met Shantelle while interning at the Okaloosa County CVB during her last semester of college. We like to call this fate. Hillaree says, “I immediately knew I wanted […]