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10th Annual Destin Rotary Crawfish Bash with Marcia Hull
Former podcast guest Marcia Hull is back again on the Hello Frances Podcast! This week Shantelle and Marcia share about the upcoming 10th Annual Destin Rotary Crawfish Bash. As the chairperson of this year’s event and with nearly 30 years of service to the Rotary Club, Marcia explains what you can...
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Meet Our Intern with Jacie Chandler, Shantelle Dedicke, and Hillaree Durso
Have you met our intern Jacie yet? We continue to learn so much from Jacie during her time with us at Frances Roy and this week we invited her on the Hello Frances Podcast to introduce her! In this episode, Jacie shares what made her pursue a career in communications, her future career plans, her [&...
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Avoid the 3 Cs
Shantelle recently read an article in her alma mater ASU’s Thrive Magazine that reminded her of something she needed to hear. In this episode, Shantelle shares her insight from the article written by May Busch, the former COO of Morgan Stanley Europe. In the article, May shares the 3 Cs you should...
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Book Review | Herding Tigers
In this episode of the Hello Frances Podcast, Shantelle and Hillaree discuss a leadership book they recently read called Herding Tigers: Be The Leader That Creative People Need by Todd Henry. In learning about piloting creative teams, Shantelle and Hillaree share their biggest takeaways from the boo...
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Adobe Creative Cloud Express with Kayla Koger
Have you checked out Adobe Creative Cloud Express? In a previous episode, we talked about Canva, a great design tool for those who are not graphic designers. In this week's episode, Design & Content Coordinator Kayla Koger breaks down Adobe’s similar product Adobe Creative Cloud Express. This ...
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What You Can Do When You Can Do Nothing
When so much is going on in the world around you, it’s easy to feel helpless, out of control, and overwhelmed. In this episode of the Hello Frances Podcast, Shantelle shares three things she does to help her get through the days when it seems nearly impossible. Listen to the full episode for pract...
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Supporting Women-Owned Businesses with Lady ChangeMakers
The founder of Lady ChangeMakers, Jessica Bargenquast, joins us on this week’s episode of the Hello Frances Podcast to discuss her business and the inspiration behind it. Lady ChangeMakers is an exclusive eCommerce platform for women-owned businesses to gain visibility and sales. Jessica explains ...
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Social Media Trends with Kayla Koger
Have you planned your social media strategy for 2022 yet? It’s not too late! In this week’s episode of the Hello Frances Podcast, we’re discussing three current social media trends you should consider when creating your content. Do you prioritize bite-sized content? Do you partner with influen...
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Adobe Creative Types: Should You Take the Test?
This week Shantelle shares our team’s recent discovery of the Adobe Creative Types test. We have taken many personality evaluations before, but this Adobe test shares insight into your creative personality. Through a series of 15 questions, the assessment not only determines your creative style bu...
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“Unlock Your Potential” with Hillarie Kay
In this week’s episode of the Hello Frances Podcast, we interview self-proclaimed Enneagram Burnout Coach Hillarie Kay. Hillarie shares how to unlock your potential by utilizing the Enneagram as a tool to learn more about yourself and how you handle stress. She shares how each Enneagram type acts ...
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