5 Great Public Relations Campaigns

Frances RoyMay 16, 2023

A public relations campaign is a series of planned activities designed to give a company or brand exposure. The goal of a public relations campaign is to engage your audience, resulting in a buzz about your company. Many public relations campaigns flop because they come off as insincere, salesy, or unclear. On the other hand, great public relations campaigns can propel your brand and relationship with your target audience to new levels. 

Here are 5 great examples of Public Relations campaigns from 2022:

• LEGO Rebuild the World

Lego’s first global campaign in decades, Rebuild the World, was focused on inspiring creative thinking in kids and adults. As part of the campaign, Lego asked customers to submit photos of their DIY creations. Afterward, Lego aggregated those handmade creations into a three-dimensional globe on the company’s website where users can move and spin the globe to see what people worldwide have created!

• Google’s Year in Search

Google’s “Year in Search” campaign is an annual public relations campaign that showcases the top trending searches of the year. The campaign is so successful because it taps into people’s emotional connections to current events and showcases Google’s ability to capture the pulse of the world through search data. The campaign is also highly shareable and creates a sense of community around the shared experience of looking back at the year’s top moments.

• Coinbase Super Bowl QR Code

Coinbase took a bold move and subtly promoted itself during the Super Bowl, but the stunt paid off. The ad, which was a clever riff on the iconic bouncing DVD logo, featured a black screen with a colored floating QR code. Curious viewers that scanned the code were directed to a link to receive fifteen dollars worth of free Bitcoin. The ad proved so popular that the resulting website traffic crashed the company’s app. 

• IKEA’s Seed Ball

IKEA created a playful take on its famous Swedish meatballs with its release of the IKEA Seed Ball - instructions on how to make a savory, nutritious treat for bugs created in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund. Using simple ingredients like dirt, clay, and wildflower seeds, IKEA fans can create their seed balls to nourish the insects in their community. 

• Iceland’s Out-House Your Email

As Iceland sees tourism rising, its latest campaign capitalizes on people’s wanderlust and encourages them to disconnect from work. The country’s tourism board built a giant working keyboard (big enough to hold a horse) and taught the horses to walk on it! Tourists are encouraged to disconnect from their email when and let the Icelandic horses handle their inboxes while they enjoy their vacation. 

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