A Tribute to Great Leadership

Frances Roy AgencyJune 29, 2021

Leader > Boss.

Our team at Frances Roy are some of the lucky few that continue to experience growth, collaboration, and inspiration through great leadership. Take a read through each team member's special moments and their time under the leadership of our President and CCO, Shantelle Dedicke.

"Over the last five years, I've experienced professional and personal growth at the agency. I attribute that growth to great leadership to Shantelle. The team dynamic we have at Frances Roy is unmatched and one I wouldn't trade for anything. Each person is collaborative, trusting of one another, and builds each other up. Working for a company where their core values match your values is rare and an opportunity I never take for granted. Cheers to many more years of strong leadership and wonderful company culture."
A few of the many quotes from Shantelle that I keep close to my heart:
"It doesn't get easier; you just get stronger."
"Prove yourself to yourself, not others."
"Life is hard. Give yourself a few minutes to cry it out, and then you've got to be gangster and do what you have to do."

When I look back at my work from five years ago, I cringe. That's how I know I've grown so much. I am always striving to be better for Frances Roy and our clients. Never settle for less than your best.

I don't always love every project, but I do always love working for Frances Roy. Hard work is the best work.

Shantelle teaches you so much at Frances Roy - more about life improvement than work improvement. Because with life-improving, the work will follow! Family first.

Sometimes I trap myself in a box of rules and previous decisions - Frances Roy breaks that box, and the work is better for it. Don't be afraid to take chances.

Shantelle often reminds me of the WHY we do things at Frances Roy, and that always inspires me. Give generously.

Ever heard the phrase - you have to create the space to fill it? Frances Roy allows you the space to grow into your best self. Do more with less.

"When I found out we would be moving to Japan for my husband's job, I knew I didn't want to leave my position with Frances Roy. After researching and making a plan of how I could still contribute to the FRA, I approached Shantelle to see if remote employment would be possible. She didn't hesitate to tell me that we would figure something out, and I would still be a part of the Frances Roy team. Shantelle focuses on what's truly important and puts FRA's core values into practice by empowering her team to prioritize their families and take chances."

“I never expected to work with a company like FRA. Coming from no marketing background, FRA has taught me everything I know today. I've grown so much, and I'm so thankful for the leadership and team that makes FRA.”

“The first event that I was a part of and helped plan was my most significant accomplishment with Frances Roy. Watching Frances Roy grow into what it is and being there to see it blossom from an idea to reality makes me proud, especially having the opportunity to be a part of its existence and its family.”

“I started working in FRA in 2017, and I've been so fortunate to grow with the agency. FRA provided me an opportunity to pursue a creative career in an area where creatives feel the pressure to leave due to lack of opportunity. I look forward to continuing our meaningful work with the agency and helping the community.”

“My proudest moment was when Shantelle called me into her office Summer of 2019 (I thought I was in trouble, lol!) and told me she would like to keep me on board! I love our small little family and how kind everyone is- it truly makes the job so much fun! I also love that I started as a graphic artist and now have weaved into social media content (I LOVE it!!)”

“Working with Frances Roy this past year has been nothing short of amazing. The encouragement and trust they have for their team can be considered rare by some. Photography has been a constant in my life that only ever amounted to as a hobby or listed as an additional skill on a resume, but with this supportive crew, I've been given the chance to step up and explore it more creatively.”

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