Be Teachable with Jodie Warner, Research Coordinator

Frances RoyDecember 13, 2022

Jodie’s professional background has always been in health, property, and casualty insurance, however, she has always had a love for all things social media. As a curious person, Jodie enjoys digging into subjects that interest her, in attempt to understand things a bit better. Jodie says “Shantelle took a chance on me years ago, offering the opportunity to expand my knowledge and work in a field I have a passion for.” Frances Roy Agency has since pushed Jodie’s creative abilities beyond what even she knew she had.

The Frances Roy Agency value that resonates the most with Jodie is hard work is the best work. “Coming from someone who doesn’t have a background in marketing,” Jodie says “there have definitely been learning curves that I have had to overcome.” She has found that hard work, asking questions, and listening to those around her have pushed her to be the person and employee that she is today.

One thing that energizes Jodie while at work is listening to music. She loves listening to music because it gives her a little pep and she feels the creative juices flow when the music is on! One thing Jodie does to help avoid burnout is to limit her personal social media time. “Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy watching TikToks, however, I’m mindful of how much time I spend on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter,” Jodie says.

When asked what piece of professional advice she would pass on to others, Jodie says “Be teachable.” Whether you’re just starting out or are an expert in a field, others around you may have tips or advice to help you better yourself or your work. Life is constantly trying to teach us new things, we just need to listen.

Something that Jodie wishes to expand this year is her creative abilities. She says, “I don’t have a specific topic I would like to learn more about, but I would like to get better at my current skills and clean up the edges a bit more.”

Come back in two weeks to learn more about another one of our Frances Roy team members as we celebrate the Year of the Team! Learn more about what Year of the Team means to us at

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