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Give Generously
Giving generously is a core value we practice at Frances Roy but this time of the year giving peaks for many. Most nonprofits receive a lot of their yearly contributions during this period and heavily rely on the monetary support that comes during the holiday season. Everyone has something to give w...
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It's Time to Join Things Again
Are you a member of an industry association? Shantelle records this Hello Frances Podcast episode at the American Advertising Federation regional conference. No matter your trade, we’re confident there’s an organization that is a good match for you. Listen to the full episode to discover the man...
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The Case for Phone Calls
Is the phone call dead? Should we primarily communicate through text messages? What about email? We’re here to tell you that the phone call is still alive, and in this episode, we state our case of why it should still be a part of your daily life. In our heavily digital world, phone calls allow [&...
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Pursue Your Purpose with Heidi Blalock and Stacy Berryman
The CEO of the Emerald Coast Autism Center, Heidi Blalock, and the Executive Director of the Emerald Coast Autism Center, Stacy Berryman, join Shantelle on the podcast this week. They share their story of pursuing their purpose to bring a full-time school for autistic children to our community. They...
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What's On My Desk: Hybrid Team Engagement, Calendar Management, and a Business Succession Plan
Sometimes it’s helpful to have some insight into what other business owners and entrepreneurs are prioritizing. Shantelle dives deep into three topics she is focusing on at the moment. Listen to the full episode to learn more about how she is ensuring our hybrid team is engaged and connected, how ...
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The Birth of Based Fish Mafia with Matt Callaby
This week on the Hello Frances Podcast, we chat with British artist, Matthew Callaby, also known as Callaby. Currently based in Montenegro, Callaby uses acrylic on canvas to create cute, chubby characters in a strange, vivid world. His work often features anthropomorphic characters painted in his un...
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Autonomy. Mastery. Purpose - Part 3
Shantelle and Hillaree wrap up our Hello Frances Podcast series on intrinsic motivation with a discussion about purpose. Those motivated by purpose care about the work they do for the sake of giving to a mission bigger than themselves. Those driven by purpose often find themselves drawn to nonprofit...
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Autonomy. Mastery. Purpose - Part 2
We continue our series on intrinsic motivation with a conversation about mastery. Shantelle, Hillaree, and Gregory talk about what it means to be motivated by mastery, how to pinpoint what motivates people, tactics to keep team members intrinsically motivated, and more. In addition, they share how g...
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The Importance of Autonomy
Shantelle and Hillaree kick off a three-part series on intrinsic motivation. In this episode, they discuss autonomy in the workplace and how it plays a role as a motivator for some employees. Autonomy allows workers to not only have the authority to make decisions in the workplace but also have cont...
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Skills the “Best” Leaders Share and Other BS
As Shantelle was thinking about the next podcast topic she would discuss, an Instagram post by Marcus Buckingham stopped her in her tracks. She knew immediately that the topic of the post was something she wanted to share with you. The post reads “What 4 skills do all of the best leaders share?”...
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