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Culture is Everything – “Never Settle for Less than Your Best” Part 6
Meet Our Guest Heather Ruiz, Senior Director of Marketing and Leasing at the Destin Commons, joins Shantelle this week for a candid talk about never settling for less than your best. As a working mom, a passionate volunteer and an avid athlete, Heather shares her outlook on this Frances Roy guiding ...
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Culture is Everything - “Do More With Less” Part 5
Meet our guests  Today, our podcast host Shantelle is joined by a few Frances Roy employees - Content Director Hillaree Durso, Art Director Janae Erickson, and Copywriter Gregory Dedicke - to discuss our core value “Do More With Less”. Our team members explain how we live out this guiding princ...
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Culture Is Everything - "Don't Be Afraid to Take Chances" Part 4
Meet our guest  Today, our podcast host Shantelle and guest Kimberly Cadena discuss the importance of taking chances. Kimberly is the president and founder of Creative Hustle, a boutique marketing agency based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Kimberly has nearly 20 years of experience in the industry...
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Culture is Everything – “Hard Work is the Best Work” Part 3
What happens when our passion and our work collide? In Part 3 of our series on work culture, we are joined by Darren Rudloff, President of VISIT CHEYENNE, the destination marketing organization for Cheyenne, Wyoming and one of Shantelle's personal work mentors. He guides us through what it looks lik...
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Culture is Everything – “Give Generously” Part 2
Michelle Clarke Payne is the Vice President of Marketing and Investor Relations for United Way of Southeast Louisiana. With a passion for marketing and corporate social responsibility, Michelle joins Shantelle to discuss the impact work culture generosity has on entire communities and how each of us...
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Culture is Everything - "Family First" Part 1
Listen in as Shantelle and guest Ellen May, Center Director for Hawai’i Job Corps talk about Family First work cultures, how it works within Frances Roy and a very candid discussion about when Family First treads into "unfair" waters. They do a little off-road, and over time, offer an insider view...
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Welcome to Our Podcast
Have we met? Let us start with...Hello....
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