Meet the Guest 

This week Michelle Terry, former Vice Chairman/Community & Tourism Development for the Destin Chamber of Commerce, joins us on the microphone. Michelle was recently awarded the James D. Neilson Sr. Award for Volunteer Service from the Destin Chamber for spearheading two new committees in our community this year – the tourism committee and “Ladies Who Launch”. 

Cliff Notes 

Michelle shares that the reasoning for starting these initiatives was simply because a hole was noticed in the community and the Chamber felt that it was their responsibility to fill the void. When asked why she was compelled to help out with these two new projects, Michelle said, “If there is a need that you can fulfill, and you have the resources, gifts and talents to help, you are obligated to do it.” We love this outlook and couldn’t agree more!  

More in This Episode 

In addition to sharing her experience of bringing new initiatives to the community and giving advice to those who want to enrich their own communities, Michelle shares what’s next for her. After having a huge year in 2019, Michelle and Shantelle discuss what’s to come in 2020. Tune in on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify or Soundcloud to hear their full discussion!  

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