Cliff Notes 

In this episode of the Hello Frances podcast, Shantelle revisits a subject we discussed when our podcast first launched – work culture. While we still consider Frances Roy a startup, our agency’s culture is a mix of startup and corporate culture. Listen to the full episode to hear Shantelle dive deep into how our agency’s culture challenges us to think differently, guides our decisions, and pushes us to use our creativity as a problem-solving tool.

More in this Episode 

Shantelle references this Wired article from 2013, and while that now seems like ages ago, the content regarding startup culture has remained true. In addition, she shares a few of her favorite brand cultures that she has admired while navigating her way through launching and owning her own business. If you are a startup, we want to know how your company’s culture has evolved since the beginning of your business. How are you looking ahead to continue evolving? Let us know by commenting on our Facebook or Instagram. As always, thank you for listening to the Hello Frances podcast. We will chat with you again next week!