Cliff Notes 

Hello Frances podcast host Shantelle Dedicke jumps on the microphone today to talk about motivation and commitment. Although it wasn’t her original intention for this week’s episode, she shares that while she wasn’t motivated to record an episode this week, she’s committed to our audience and community to bring weekly advice to the ears of nano entrepreneurs and curious creatives.

More in this Episode 

Shantelle shares her advice to entrepreneurs who feel less than motivated. She encourages listeners to commit to their creative pursuits and form habits that will help them reach their goals, rather than relying on commitment to be the driving force. She also provides tips on how she overcomes a lack of motivation, including talking with a mentor, writing down a to-do list and taking a break from social media. We want to hear your tips on motivation and commitment. How do you stay motivated and on course? How do you stay committed when you lack motivation? Let us know by commenting on our Facebook or Instagram. If you’ve enjoyed this episode, we’d love if you leave us a rating or review. Thank you, as always, for listening. We’ll be back in your headphones next week!

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