Meet the Guests

Today, our podcast host Shantelle Dedicke is joined by a few Frances Roy employees – Content Director Hillaree Durso and Art Director Janae Erickson – to discuss our predictions for 2020. Our team members explain what we believe will be most important for businesses in the new year.

Cliff Notes

One prediction we have for 2020 – podcasts will be the most critical pieces of content we can create. Why? For one, podcasts can be consumed passively. In the busy world we live in, so many people are turning to this form of information consumption because they can do so while completing other tasks. If you are apprehensive about starting a podcast, don’t worry! We discuss how the Hello Frances podcast has proven to be extremely rewarding for our agency.

More in This Episode

In addition to our podcast forecast, we share a few other predictions and our resolutions for the new year! With 2020 being a new year AND a new decade, we aren’t holding back with our goals. Tune in to hear all of our 2020 predictions and resolutions for the new chapter. What predictions do you have for the new year? We want to know! Leave a comment on our Facebook or Instagram to continue the discussion.