Content is a word used by many and understood by few. The most common misconception is that content is just social media, however it is much, much more. It is a holistic high-level strategy that brings growth, purpose, and consistency to your product or brand. Let us put it this way, content is not only valuable, we argue it is THE most valuable strategy you put into action as an organization. At Frances Roy, we create a strategy that is meaningful and sustainable for each of our clients with measurable goals and here is why.

1. Brand Consistency Increases Brand Awareness
A content strategy keeps your brand message, tone of voice, and style consistent. This includes words, design, and even offerings your brand provides to the consumer. It is hands down the best way to build loyalty and develop trust with your target audience. For example, when you watch TV or see an ad on social media from Target, without ever seeing their logo you can identify it as Target. This is the outcome of a strong content strategy with brand consistency at the forefront.
The first impression your audience has with your brand matters – a lot. Social media platforms are saturated with brands all fighting for consumer attention. Don’t get lost in the madness. Solid content strategy aids in your brand being seen by the right customer.

2. Content with Purpose; Think Quality Over Quantity
The days of simply “posting on social” are officially over. We approach content holistically, effectively aligning social content with all other marketing efforts. Consumers have a high BS meter and want to know less about what your posting and more about why you are posting. We think of it like this – Content with strategy becomes content with purpose.If you worry about how much content you launch without a structured plan, you immediately lose the quality of your message. Uphold quality with a solid content strategy. Once implemented, the quality of your content strategy then reflects in the quality of what is seen on the consumer-facing end of a brand or product. Rule of thumb, quality is always more important than quantity.

Pro Tip: Content is more than social media. It begins with strategy and supports everything.