You’ve heard the phrase “content is king,” but we’re here to tell you that we completely disagree. We believe a business’ culture reigns, and content, when done properly, is strategically created to complement and support culture. The content a business produces should be based on the culture of that organization, not just content for content’s sake.

Culture is kingCulture is not what we create as a company, it’s the uncompromising definition of who we are. What businesses choose to communicate to their audience (the content) is a reflection of who that business is. If a company has not clearly defined who they are, chances are they are not creating strategic content and are missing out on opportunities to connect with their target audiences.

To define business culture, an organization first needs to define its core values. Simply creating values and hanging them up in the office for everyone to see is not enough. A company’s business decisions, the employees they hire and the products or services they offer should all be a reflection of what that company believes in.

A business’ culture sets the tone for how others see to perceive them, thus creating the brand’s identity. While content is extremely important, a company’s culture is the backbone that supports all aspects of the business.

For example, Frances Roy Agency’s guiding principles are:

  • Family First
  • Do More with Less
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Take Chances
  • Hard Work is the Best Work
  • Never Settle for Less Than Your Best
  • Give Generously

We look to these values when hiring a new employee, bringing on a new client or offering a new service. Everything we do, whether it’s internal or external, is affected by our business culture.

Culture is everything. What we “say” means nothing if we do not know who we are, what we stand for, and who is important to us. FRA Guiding Principles are the framework for our culture. When we say Family is FIRST; we mean it. When we communicate our values for placing hard work over the glorification of “busy”; we prove it.”

Shantelle Dedicke, Frances Roy Agency President & Chief Creative Officer

Overall, culture is what shapes an organization’s identity, allowing for a business to grow and prosper. Once this foundation of a business is defined and communicated to stakeholders, a content strategy can then be created and implemented.

What are your business’ core values? Share them with us in the comments.