At Frances Roy, we consider Design to encompass all of the creative elements that can be utilized to reinforce and communicate your message. After we work with you to define Strategy, the design process begins. Our team chooses and crafts each element with your strategy in mind, often in coordination with your in-house team or other vendor partners. Design affects much of what an audience interprets, so we ensure the look and feel is deliberate and conveys your intended message.
A company’s logo is the most recognized symbol of the business, and it’s part of its customers’ emotional connection to the brand. We get it right.
5 Lessons in 5 Years
All types of original digital graphics to inform, entertain, and explain.
Original illustrations offer a fresh and unexpected way to communicate.
Animation that does everything from bringing a logo to life to telling the entire brand story.
Original photography is one of the most versatile and effective ways to promote a business. We ensure clients get the most flexibility and utility out of every shoot.
Original videography to bring a destination or business to life.
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