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Myths About Graphic Design
Although graphic design has evolved throughout recent years, many still believe common myths about this ever-changing art form. Graphic design is more than just creating logos or print materials, it now spans digital and even virtual reality creations. Here are a few common misconceptions about desi...
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Design Trends to Watch in 2022
As we say goodbye to 2021, we prepare to take on the new year and new design trends! Each year, the team creates strategies and tactics for every client to help navigate the year ahead. The result? We uncovered these top three design trends your brand needs to utilize in their website and graphic de...
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Deliberate Design with FRA
Meet the Guests  Two members of our art department join Shantelle on the Hello Frances Podcast to discuss the deliberate design. Our art director Janae Erickson and brand designer Rinn Garlanger share how they first became affiliated with the agency and their expertise in the design industry.  Cli...
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Design Trends to Watch in 2021
As 2021 begins, we prepare to take on the new year and new design trends! Through research, our team creates strategies and tactics for each of our clients to help navigate the next year. The result? We uncovered these top three design trends your brand should utilize in their website and graphic de...
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Using Canva for Small Businesses
Canva is a free graphic design platform, perfect for those who want to create beautifully designed items for their business, but do not have extensive design experience. The user-friendly drag and drop platform allows anyone to create social media posts, logos, flyers, presentations, videos, and mor...
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How to Communicate Your Vision to a Designer
When clients are looking to start their own business or rebrand their current one, they usually have a vision in mind of how they would like their brand elements to look. Whether they desire certain colors, fonts, shapes, etc. it is a process for us to extract our clients’ vision and create a fina...
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Powerful Illustrations
Illustrations are a great component to add to a business’s graphic design arsenal. Here are a few brands that have mastered incorporating illustrations into their storytelling.  Mailchimp  Mailchimp’s unique (and sometimes quirky and abstract) illustrations are extremely successful in catching...
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How to Enhance Your Brand’s Visual Storytelling
Facebook posts with visuals receive more than double the engagement than posts without an image.1 Emails with video clips included spike click rates up to 300 percent!2 Just simply using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19% and clickthrough rates by 65%.3 It’s no ...
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Trademarking - defend your brand's time to protect your intellectual property and make your brand more valuable. Obtaining a trademark is critical to making sure your brand is distinguished from the endless options in our cluttered marketplace.   There are several reasons why trademarking a symbol, word, or words that ...
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Finding inspiration in wedding invitations and other insights from our Art Director Janae Erickson
We are launching a new blog series featuring some of our team members who work diligently to bring clients' dreams to life every single day. First up is our Art Director Janae Erickson. Janae graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a focus on Animation. (We...
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