Meet the Guests 

Two members of our art department join Shantelle on the Hello Frances Podcast to discuss the deliberate design. Our art director Janae Erickson and brand designer Rinn Garlanger share how they first became affiliated with the agency and their expertise in the design industry. 

Cliff Notes 

Last week we discussed the importance of a strategic foundation, and in this episode, we discuss the next step in the process – design. At Frances Roy, our designs are created with the mindset that all elements should reinforce and communicate a brand’s message. Rinn and Janae share their thought processes behind designing and the information they need before they begin their creative part of the process. 

More in this Episode 

Beyond graphic design, our team members share how their deliberate design translates to website design, photography, and videography as well. They conclude the episode by discussing a few design quotes and their outlook on the authors’ perspectives. Do you have a question about design? Email us at [email protected]

P.S. – Click here to see Starbucks’ creative site that Shantelle mentions in this episode!