When clients are looking to start their own business or rebrand their current one, they usually have a vision in mind of how they would like their brand elements to look. Whether they desire certain colors, fonts, shapes, etc. it is a process for us to extract our clients’ vision and create a final product that truly portrays that concept.

Here are 3 simple tips on communicating your vision to your designer with ease.

1. Do Your Research.

If you have a certain logo you love or colors and textures you know you want to avoid, determine this before meeting with a designer. Having an idea of what the client is looking for helps sparks a designer’s creativity. Great designers can communicate a brand’s purpose, while also ensuring that it stands out with originality. They know when and how to break the design basic principles and push their work into something unique and creative. If you come to the table with an idea of your likes and dislikes, this will eliminate much of the back-and-forth that may happen when working toward a final product.

2. Meet Face-To-Face.

We know this can be a challenge, but a designer needs to see a client’s reaction to certain elements when first discovering what it is the client wants. The initial discovery meeting is invaluable. To create an accurate final product, designers need to know the business, who their target audience is, the clients’ likes and dislikes, and so much more. Our designers’ intention is for the client to end up with a brand they love and are excited about.

3. Be Specific.

If you don’t like a certain element, say so! Great designers are also great listeners. If you can communicate what you do and do not like about the design, the artist can make edits that will help you both reach your final goal.

Do you have additional questions about how to effectively communicate your vision with a designer? We’re happy to help. Send us an email at [email protected]!