Illustrations are a great component to add to a business’s graphic design arsenal. Here are a few brands that have mastered incorporating illustrations into their storytelling


Mailchimp’s unique (and sometimes quirky and abstract) illustrations are extremely successful in catching their audience’s eyes. With the use of bright colors and a one-of-a-kind style, Mailchimp uses its distinct brand elements to create content that helps them stand out among their competitors. 


Unlike the majority of brands, this company’s design components are made up of mostly illustrations! Whether you check out their website, app, or social media profiles, you will predominantly find illustrations compared to photography, videography and other design elements. This unique quality of Headspace’s content helps to set them apart and communicate brand aspects that could be difficult to convey without including unique visuals. 


This is probably the first company that comes to mind when you think of organizations using illustrations because of their popular Google Doodles. These unique drawings are alterations of Google’s logo that recognize holidays, achievements, events and more. While we all love a good Google Doodle, this company’s illustrations go far beyond their homepage. For example, the Google calendar app is filled with inspirational pictures that are designed to help users set and achieve their goals. 


Because there are no physical products to show images of, Dropbox is one of many forward-thinking organizations that uses illustrations to convey their message. Illustrations are a very effective tool for service-based organizations like this one. In addition to static drawings, Dropbox also creates animated illustrations to promote their services. 


This company values this artistic element so much that they have multiple full-time illustrators on their team. Dedicated to creating visuals for the company’s website and app, Airbnb’s illustration team focuses or showing diversity while inspiring their audience to book the house, airstream, castle, etc. and see the world!  

Photo credit: Headspace