A flexible work schedule at Frances Roy does not mean you have every other Friday off, it doesn’t mean you can choose your hours but still have to work eight hours every day, it doesn’t mean we all work from home. It means we’re flexible. We are human. We meet each employee where they are and take into consideration every individual’s needs and priorities. Here’s why a flexible work schedule works great for us.

We believe in “Family First.”

One of the core values of our agency is “family first,” and we mean it. We believe if your family needs you, you should not be at our office. We are confident each member of our team works in a timely manner because they were hired for their experience, talent, and ability to produce a high quality of work. This mutual trust and respect is earned.

What is worse than the guilty feeling that comes with going to a doctor’s appointment with a spouse or attending an event at a child’s school? This battle cry is loud, “Do Your Life!” When team members are fulfilled and satisfied in their personal lives, they bring the best version of themselves to work. Ultimately this is what is needed to get the best results possible for our clients.

People thrive in different environments.

People cannot always give 100 percent and perfection is impossible, for everyone. We’ve found that giving our employees freedom in the workplace helps them to be closer to a peak performance level more often. If our employees want to go for a walk to get some fresh air in the middle of the day, they do. If they’d rather sit on our couch to work than at their desk, they do. If they need a break, they take one. Allowing employees to have freedom in their schedules results in more focused, well-rested, happier team members. We realize that the work they produce is so much more important than their work location.

Some of our employees come into the office every day. Others work exclusively from home because that works best for them. We’ve found that when employees feel more in control of their decisions and their lives, they show up better in their work.

It boosts employee morale.

Although this wasn’t an intentional reason when incorporating this “policy,” this has become one of the most advantageous results of a flexible schedule. Our entire team knows their well-being comes first and making their work environment an enjoyable place to be and allowing them to not only be content with their career but to thrive is a top priority. We are confident that our personalized schedules are a major factor in our team’s confidence and enthusiasm. They know they are cared about, appreciated, and valued.

Have you incorporated a flexible work schedule? How is it working for your team?