Get Creative with Our Design and Content Coordinator, Kayla Koger

Frances RoyNovember 29, 2022

Kayla Koger, our Design and Content Coordinator, is from Fort Walton Beach and attended college at the University of South Florida where she majored in Integrated Public Relations and Advertising. Kayla went to Niceville High School where she learned Graphic Design from her one of her favorite teachers and mentors, Ms. Frakes. Shantelle and Hillaree spoke at one of Ms. Frakes’ classes about Frances Roy Agency’s first-ever internship program, and Kayla immediately applied and became one of the first interns of FRA. After her internship ended, Kayla received a part-time position on the team and the rest is history!

One thing that energizes Kayla at work is creativity. She loves creating new content and designs uniquely for each of our clients. To help prevent burnout outside of work, Kayla looks through other social media accounts and businesses. Seeing new ideas, ways to market a brand, and their successes fuels her to create new and unique pieces for our clients.

The best piece of industry advice Kayla could pass along is, “Never be afraid to take chances.” In her role, Kayla feels like she must take chances with new ideas or designs in order to grow. With this growth mindset motivating her, “Don’t be afraid to take chances” is the Frances Roy value that resonates the most with Kayla!

One topic Kayla wishes to learn about this year is how to animate design elements and make GIFs from Janae’s expertise.Come back in two weeks to learn more about another one of our Frances Roy team members as we celebrate the Year of the Team! Learn more about what Year of the Team means to us at

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