Grow Your Confidence with Our Junior Copywriter, Jacie Chandler

Frances Roy AgencyOctober 18, 2022

Born and raised in Fort Walton Beach, Jacie is a recent graduate of the University of West Florida with a bachelor’s degree in communications and a digital marketing certificate. She has a background in social media from working at the Emerald Coast Science Center for more than 6 years as their social media coordinator where she creates content, manages social media, and much more. During her last semester of college at the University of West Florida, Jacie interned with us at Frances Roy and expanded her marketing skills. Upon graduation, she accepted a position as a Junior Copywriter and has since focused her time on writing blogs, editing podcasts, and many other projects for our agency.

The Frances Roy value that resonates the most with Jacie is don’t be afraid to take chances. She described our work environment that supports taking risks as a breath of fresh air. “The ability to take chances without the fear of failure allows me to be more creative with my work and be more confident in myself when I succeed,” she says. Taking chances is something that didn’t come naturally to Jacie, but with the help of the Frances Roy team, she feels more comfortable taking a chance.

Something that fuels the fire for Jacie at work is new projects and organization. She says, “If there is anything to be organized, whether that’s on Google Drive, in an Excel spreadsheet, or tangible items, I am down to organize it.” New projects also allow Jacie to be creative and give her something different to do so that every day at work looks different. To avoid burnout, Jacie takes time outside of work to relax her mind and work on her passions. She says, “Doing things like playing on my Nintendo switch, watching Netflix, or reading a good book are great ways for me to give my mind a break while immersing myself in an experience. I’m not always able to just shut my mind off–I don’t think meditation could be my thing for that reason–but doing something that I enjoy that keeps my mind busy is good for me.” Jacie loves the chance to create art in her free time as well, including mosaics, homemade gifts, and the occasional painting. “It’s a bit odd, but when I’m home alone (which doesn’t happen often), I will put on some music and clean around the house. That feeling of a clean space ready for me to accomplish other tasks or to just relax makes me feel great,” she says.

The best piece of professional advice that Jacie would pass along to others is to be confident in yourself. “This is something I struggled with for a long time,” she says, “but as I grew my skills and received feedback from trusted mentors, I became more confident in myself and my work.” Having confidence in herself gives Jacie the ability to accomplish great work and bring new ideas to the table.

When asked what Jacie wants to learn about this year, she says, “There are so many things I want to learn about, but my topic of choice would be branding. Branding affects the entire way your company markets itself, and I want to learn as much as possible about it from Shantelle and the rest of the team.”

Come back next week to learn more about another one of our Frances Roy team members as we celebrate the Year of the Team! Learn more about what Year of the Team means to us at

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