They are our loyal companions and our best friends. Family pups are responsible for much of the joy in our lives (despite the number of times they have destroyed the couch). Their happiness and unconditional love are not only beneficial at home, but they make lovely desk mates in the office.

Many employers are cautious about allowing furry friends in the workplace, especially in office settings, where employees are working hard on projects. Most worry dogs cause too much of a distraction. However, we beg to differ. Dogs that accompany employees in the workplace have many health benefits.

Dogs Boost Productivity.

Overworking is a real threat to a company’s overall productivity. It’s easy for employees to become stressed from deadlines and burn out. This type of stress can lead to high blood pressure and lackluster quality of work. The occasional playtime with furry office workers helps alleviate a lot of stress. In addition to being less stressed, having a dog at the office also increases creative solutions.

Dogs Promote Better Communication and Create Relationships. 

A healthy work environment includes effective communication and absolute trust between the employees and management. Business dogs in the workplace not only better the creativity of the employees, but also creates scenarios where employees communicate with each other. By triggering these scenarios with the help of furry friends in the office, the fellow humans will converse with each other and collaborate on a healthier scale.

Laughter is Contagious.  

Even more so than yawning. Our furry friends are masters at the art of comic relief. They create funny scenarios in the workplace and help create the best medicine, which is laughter. Comical situations are a proven way to better one’s health, and ties into our first point by reducing stress. Less stress equals a healthier work environment, and uplifting situations from the results of dogs in the office will make employees love working there.

Employees Save on Healthcare. 

Adopting a dog helps psychological and physical health for their owners. Employees save money from going to fewer psychiatric appointments and walking their dogs daily. The healthier they are, the more productive and happy they will be.

As you read, there are many benefits to having dogs in the workplace. So much so that the Frances Roy Agency provides each employee with two weeks of paid leave if they adopt or bring home a new dog. If you are a fellow dog owner, then you know that the transition of adding a new furry friend to the family is similar to adding a new child.