Frances Roy takes an all-encompassing approach to client customer service, and we compliment it with a full-service offering of marketing support organized under our four core services. 

The four core services Frances Roy provides are Strategy, Design, Digital, and Media. You may have heard the old adage that a goal without a plan is only a dream. Likewise, a marketing effort without a strategy is only a wish. That’s why at Frances Roy, every client relationship and project begins with Strategy. Strategy dictates the Design, Digital and Media elements that will be required to achieve your specific business objectives. Strategy is the foundation for every effort and decision we make on clients’ behalf because we are committed to delivering the results you want. 

Clients rely on Frances Roy for all types of marketing assistance, and often for help with other business needs beyond what is traditionally considered marketing support. We love analytics as much as anyone – a favorite saying is “data or it didn’t happen!” That said, the KPI we rely most heavily on is client satisfaction. Because of our passion for serving our clients, the Frances Roy team will always go above and beyond to help you achieve your organization’s goals, regardless if it is part of our four core services.


Frances Roy beings every client relationship and project by developing a strategy that will accomplish your business goals. Our approach to developing strategy is deeply relational–we want to know and understand how every important element of your business and audience are connected. We begin the strategy development process with far-reaching conversations and in-depth listening and we augment that with extensive research on your company, competitors and target audience, incorporating qualitative and quantitative research. A well-defined strategy ensures that all partners are executing against the same plan and that every effort works to accomplish your defined objectives. We believe a well-defined strategy is a blueprint for success. 

  • Branding – We bring unique and powerful brands to life and evolve existing brands so they’re reflective of the direction your company is moving in.
  • Narrative and storycrafting – We don’t just work to get the story right, we shape and hone it for maximum impact with each of your key audiences, on every platform it’s shared.
  • Concepts – Sometimes you just need the strategy or the concept, and we love collaborating with you to generate a successful option. 
  • Consultation – We consult with business owners and executive teams in both the private sector and non-profit space in a variety of areas, including brand strategy, product development, and more. 
  • Certified event management – Events that appear effortless and flawless take a team of experts to execute. We’re your team. 
  • Startup Launch – You’ve developed a new product or service, let us help you create the launch campaign that ensures your target audience has the opportunity to learn about it and embrace it. 


At Frances Roy, we consider Design to encompass all of the creative elements that can be utilized to reinforce and communicate your message. After we work with you to define Strategy, the design process begins. Our team chooses and crafts each element with your strategy in mind, often in coordination with your in-house team or other vendor partners. Design affects much of what an audience interprets, so we ensure the look and feel is deliberate and conveys your intended message. 

  • Logo design – A company’s logo is the most recognized symbol of the business, and it’s part of its customers’ emotional connection to the brand. We get it right. 
  • Typography – We balance the art and technique of arranging type so that it compliments and reinforces the image and message you want to convey. 
  • Graphics – All types of original digital graphics to inform, entertain and explain.
  • Illustrations – Original illustrations offer a fresh and unexpected way to communicate.
  • Animation – Animation that does everything from bringing a logo to life to telling the entire brand story. 
  • Photography – Original photography is one of the most versatile and effective ways to promote a business. We ensure clients get the most flexibility and utility out of every shoot.
  • Videography – Original videography to bring a destination or business to life. 
  • Collateral – We create cohesive collections of collateral–or just that one key piece!– to promote a business, product or destination in any situation or event. 
  • Signage – Bringing names to life with distinctive, custom signage for any location or event. 
  • Promotional Items – We find the perfect promotional items for every audience and event and create custom swag that people clamor for.


“Making news” is not as simple as it once was! Today, Frances Roy works with a variety of journalists and new media professionals, including traditional journalists, bloggers, and influencers. Frances Roy capitalizes on these longstanding relationships by developing compelling stories, events, and immersive experiences that journalists are able to successfully pitch to their teams, and that bloggers and influencers know will connect with their niche audiences. We create and deliver the multimedia resources needed to round out their stories, and monitor and respond to media coverage where necessary. 

  • Media relations – Nurturing and managing relationships with media professionals to ensure stories are told as well as possible and widely publicized. 
  • Press release writing and dissemination – Writing a press release that will get picked up is an art, and disseminating it electronically is a science. We blend art + science for maximum impact and coverage. 
  • Media training – Prepare you or your team to competently and confidently navigate media appearances and interviews to ensure you are promoting your message and brand for maximum impact
  • Newsroom development – 
  • Digital media kit – We create digital media kits journalists and influencers love to use.  Our kits include all of the information, materials, and resources a person needs to write a compelling story about your business, product or event. 
  • Familiarization tours and press trips –
  • Influencer immersions – Crafting and executing immersive experiences for an influencer that bring the best of a destination or brand to life, including powerful visuals, storytelling and relationship nurturing 
  • Media negotiation and placement – Ensuring you have the best placements in the right publications and on the right platforms at the best prices.
  • Editorial development – Crafting editorials that convey your message in your voice.
  • Influencer Marketing – Connecting with a niche audience can be incredibly effective. Let us take the challenge of identifying the right influencers and crafting effective campaigns, so you can focus on serving new customers. 


If it begins, lives or truly thrives online, then it falls into the Digital category at Frances Roy. We approach digital like the extension of your physical business that it is. Digital spaces are often perceived by customers as their primary portals to Customer Service or a Help Desk. Digital platforms also allow for the most extensive and ongoing conversations that you can have with clients and potential customers today. Creating strong digital platforms, resources, communities,  and infrastructure is an investment in the long-term success of your business. 

  • Social media – Ensure the most important, ongoing conversation with customers is supported by social media strategy, content creation, and community management. 
  • Website – Your website is often the first impression a potential customer has of your business and brand. It should be a strong tool – easy to use and provide critical information your audience is looking for, and promote your business to a variety of relevant audiences.
  • Email marketing – Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to generate leads and drive revenue. Whether you are establishing, evaluating or growing your email marketing program, we can help.
  • SEO – Ensure both the content you create and the structure of your website are optimized for discovery.
  • Analytics – Data or it didn’t happen? We ensure you have the data to know exactly what’s happening, enabling the adjustment of strategy and tactics to boost results. 
  • Content Marketing – From programmatic strategy to content creation for every platform and distribution expertise, we help you share your company’s unique expertise with the right audience. 

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