How to Set Healthy Boundaries in the Workplace as an Employee

Frances Roy AgencyJuly 12, 2022

Are you having a hard time setting boundaries at your job? A big reason workplaces lack boundaries is that technology allows us to lead 24/7 work lives. That said, employees are happiest and most productive when they set boundaries and prioritize time for themselves outside of work. We gathered some steps that you can take to set healthy workplace boundaries.

Assess Your Boundaries

Before you communicate your boundaries, take some time to assess them, their limits, and their stipulations. Your boundaries will stem from your life’s priorities, such as your home life, relationships, and passions. Once you have the boundaries you need to focus on, you can start setting limits. One example of a limit could be not checking your email in the evenings after 6 pm so you can focus on time with your family.

Communicate Upfront and Clearly

Once you have set your limits, the next step is to communicate them to your team clearly and confidently. It can be as simple as letting your team know what hours you will be available for work conservations so that they are not contacting you at all hours of the day. Another great way to protect your boundaries is to communicate with the team what constitutes a work emergency so that you’re not fielding minor issues during your time off. 

Delegate Work and Say No

An important part of establishing boundaries is setting expectations about the work you will do, work you are willing to add to your existing workload, and the work that is outside of your responsibilities. When asked to do work outside of your responsibilities, you might have the opportunity to say no or delegate work to someone who is more suited to do the task. 

Prepare for Pushback

Even if you take all the steps to create and communicate your boundaries, there will still be times when someone oversteps them. Don’t view these boundary-breakings as a step back, use it as an opportunity to remind your coworkers of the boundaries you have already communicated with them and how they can respect them properly.

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