How Wearable Tech Can Help You Optimize

Frances Roy AgencyMay 3, 2022

Wearable technology is a great tool to add to your routine to help monitor, analyze, and ideally optimize aspects of your daily life. Tracking sleep, activity, fitness, and more can not only give us information about our habits, but it can also help us implement effective time management, movement, and rest, to name a few.   

Here are a few examples of wearable technology that we use and love. 

Apple Watch 

Probably the most popular on our list is a Smart Watch, and in our case, an Apple Watch specifically. Although the watch is helpful in many ways, we think it's a great tool to help you focus. With an Apple Watch on your wrist, you can keep your phone more than an arm's length away and still see all of the notifications on your phone. Keeping your phone further away without missing out on essential notifications allows us to be more present in our work and life. An Apple Watch gives you a barrier between you and your device and eliminates the urge easily pick up your phone for mindless scrolling.  

Oura Ring 

Like the Apple Watch, the Oura Ring also tracks sleep and activity, but this device dives deeper. The Oura Ring analyzes REM, deep sleep, bedtime routine, active time, in-active time, etc. After computing all of this data, it shares a daily "readiness" score with you. According to the Oura website, the readiness score answers how much your body can take on. It monitors your sleep, activity, and body stress signals like body temperature and heart rate variability. Feel like you are having an off day? Instead of pushing through, maybe your body tells you that you need rest! The Oura Ring confirms when we are not putting our best self forward for the day and encourages us to take care of ourselves before we can successfully tackle that to-do list. 


The Oculus is a virtual reality headset that transports you from your current reality to virtually anywhere in the world! The Oculus can help you optimize in several ways with so many features. Put on the headset for a quick workout at home! Planning your next vacation? Put on the headset and walk around a few destinations on Google Earth to decide where you want to explore! Unwind and watch Netflix, connect with friends through video games, paint or sculpt. The options are endless! 

Do you use wearable technology? Tell us which ones and what are your favorite features? 


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