Dear Frances Roy,

None of us were prepared for what this summer would entail. Of course, we knew it would be a lot of hard work. We knew this internship would change us for the better and prepare us for our future, yet it didn’t fully cross our minds how hard it would be to leave. As our internship rounds come to an end, it leaves a bittersweet taste. Looking back on all the projects we worked on is a significant accomplishment, but the subsequent thoughts after, the realization that now it’s time to go back to our lives is almost haunting. Going back to our life before the internship or graduating college or choosing our own path almost seems minuscule compared to the goals that we obtained this summer. To put simply, we each have our own specialized skill set. We like to think of ourselves as the designer, the videographer, and the communicator.

Kayla, the designer, expanded her knowledge of editing software and crafted numerous graphic designs for a variety of clients.

“I wanted to thank each one of you for giving me the opportunity this summer and for believing in me to succeed. While each of you has impacted my experience positively, I especially wanted to thank Janae. Janae, thank you for your guidance in teaching me various skills in Adobe that I had no idea existed! Thank you for believing in me to create all of these great graphics for various clients and for giving me feedback along the way! If it weren’t for you, I would have never known that there is such a thing as animated graphics in photoshop! Thank you to the team, for choosing me as one of the three interns this summer. I have loved every minute of it, and I hope we are still able to keep in contact in the future.” -Kayla Koger

Keno, the videographer, learned the differences between being employed and self-employed. Realizing this made him more passionate and determined to build out his own career while being his own man.

“I’m grateful to Frances Roy Agency for extending this opportunity for me to take on. Shantelle, thank you for leaving me with the knowledge to tackle life head-on. Hillaree, I’m very thankful for showing me what my strengths and weaknesses are. Moving forward, I feel more confident to face what the future awaits now that I know which areas I can greatly improve on. Janae, thanks for introducing me to many ways to create storyboards rather than using pencil and paper which finally saves me from the nightmare of hand cramps. Lastly, Jack, thanks for helping me relax from work while running around in the office. Paws up to you, pal. Thank you and goodnight!” -Keno Manuel

Alicia, the communicator, learned so much about the writing and editing process. Nothing is ever perfect on the first draft, and Frances Roy’s writing is truly a team effort. All blogs go through numerous people before its posted anywhere. Because of this process of editing, multiple voices blend seamlessly to create the Frances Roy tone.

“Relocating to Niceville for the summer was the best decision I ever made, and I will always be grateful for this internship at Frances Roy. Each person I came in contact with taught me something. Kelsey, thank you for helping me grow my writing skills, even though it was painful at times, my writing is so much better than I could’ve ever thought. Ultimately, I owe a huge thank you to Shantelle. Not only did she guide me through this internship, but she mentored me through it. She taught me lessons that will be useful in not only my career but more importantly my life. She is a woman that I will look up to for the rest of my life. There is nothing more inspiring than observing someone do something that they are passionate about, and Shantelle is the embodiment of that.” -Alicia Perez

This is truly a collaborative effort. Our voices were just as essential and heard just like we were full members of the team. Lastly, as an internship team, we wish to thank all of our mentors at Frances Roy. This is an experience we wouldn’t have gotten at any other agency. 

Sincerely yours,

The Internship Club