“Making news” is not as simple as it once was! Today, Frances Roy works with a variety of journalists and new media professionals, including traditional journalists, bloggers, and influencers. Frances Roy capitalizes on these longstanding relationships by developing compelling stories, events, and immersive experiences that journalists are able to successfully pitch to their teams, and that bloggers and influencers know will connect with their niche audiences. We create and deliver the multimedia resources needed to round out their stories, and monitor and respond to media coverage where necessary.

Media Relations

Nurturing and managing relationships with media professionals to ensure stories are told as well as possible and widely publicized.

Press Release Writing & Dissemination

Writing a press release that will get picked up is an art, and disseminating it electronically is a science. We blend art + science for maximum impact and coverage.

Media Training

Prepare you or your team to competently and confidently navigate media appearances and interviews to ensure you are promoting your message and brand for maximum impact.

Newsroom Development
Digital Media Kit

We create digital media kits journalists and influencers love to use.  Our kits include all of the information, materials, and resources a person needs to write a compelling story about your business, product or event.

Familiarization Tours & Press Trips
Influencer Immersions

Crafting and executing immersive experiences for an influencer that bring the best of a destination or brand to life, including powerful visuals, storytelling and relationship nurturing.

Media Negotiation & Placement

Ensuring you have the best placements in the right publications and on the right platforms at the best prices.

Editorial Development

Crafting editorials that convey your message in your voice.

Influencer Marketing

Connecting with a niche audience can be incredibly effective. Let us take the challenge of identifying the right influencers and crafting effective campaigns, so you can focus on serving new customers.






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