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Frances RoySeptember 19, 2018

You may have read that we recently launched a new initiative — Emerging Creatives. We’re on a bold mission to help 18-24 year old creatives thrive in our community. We want to see your skills and capabilities honed to their fullest potential, and ultimately, we want you to recognize how your assets benefit the local area.

“Creativity is the bloodline of our work at Frances Roy. Everything we do is brought to life through creative cultivation, and as the agency grows, it is my priority that the creative talent in our local community grow with us. Our team is deeply committed to the vitality of those in the creative arts: individuals with a passion for photography, artistic design, writing, videography, entrepreneurship and so on. We have a responsibility to identify those creative minds and help them reach their goals. We want to change the mentality that in order to find a profession in a creative field our best and brightest must relocate to larger cities,” said Shantelle Dedicke, President & Chief Creative Officer for Frances Roy.

So, young creative, we’re searching for you, and we hope that you’re inspired to share your talents with others. What might currently be a small flicker could develop into a full-fledged flame once you surround yourself with a network of passionate and inspired emerging creatives. Your side hustle might become your full-time endeavor once you learn the tools necessary to succeed in the field.

This initiative is spearheaded by the young creatives in our office: Annalise Dedicke, Liz Kelton, and Korie Large are not only Frances Roy employees but are also local college students attending Northwest Florida State College.

Join our team for the first Emerging Creatives networking event on Tuesday, September 25, at 6:00 p.m. at the agency's Niceville office. If you’re interested, be sure to follow the Emerging Creatives' Takeover on Instagram @francesroyagency and "behind the scenes" via Snapchat @hellofrancesroy.

We look forward to seeing you next week — bring your best ideas and we’ll get to work!

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