Our Team’s Favorite Brands

Frances RoyAugust 23, 2022

Branding is the most foundational aspect of your brand. It makes a memorable impression on consumers and allows your customers or clients to know what to expect from your business. Branding allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors and clarify why your potential customers should choose your business. An organization’s brand is built to be a true representation of who they are, how they wish to be perceived, and what it can do for its audience. We’ve compiled a list of our team’s favorite brands and why they stand out to us.

Shantelle P. Dedicke, CMP | President, Chief Creative Officer
Brand 1: Away (awaytravel.com)
If I carry a bag or roll a piece of luggage - it’s Away. Every day and travel pieces work together and all of Away’s products are long-lasting.
Brand 2: Diamond Kosher Salt
This one is a bit random but Diamond Kosher is my ONLY salt brand. It has a 130-year proven history and is the least salty of the salts. It's a chef favorite!
Brand 3: Icelandic Glacial
At a naturally occurring pH of 8.4, this brand of Icelandic spring water is my favorite. In my opinion, it has the best flavor by far. You can purchase it in glass or plastic containers and it is a CarbonNeutral product bottled at the source.

Hillaree Durso | Senior Director of Content and Marketing
Brand 1: Apple
All my devices are Apple (iPhone, iPad, iWatch, MacBook). I am a loyal Apple user and like how all my devices run seamlessly when used simultaneously.
Brand 2: Away
My favorite luggage. Whether for work or personal travel their pieces are durable and functional. I became a loyal customer due to their quality and lifetime warranty. *Thanks for the rec, Shantelle!
Brand 3: Senita Sisters
I love that this company was founded by two sisters. High-quality athleisure clothing at an affordable price.

Janae Erickson | Art Director
Brand 1: Razer
I've been attached to this computer mouse for years! I've programmed additional buttons for zoom in/out since I use those all the time. I recently purchased a larger mouse pad to enjoy as well.
Brand 2: Popsocket
A BB-8 popsocket is attached to the back of my phone. I love that I can hold my phone easier while taking photos and it gets my boys to smile for those photos!
Brand 3: Thermos
The thermos travel mug for my coffee is my favorite. It keeps my coffee hot well into the afternoon.

Kelsey Doar | Marketing Manager
Brand 1: Lush
I love that Lush unapologetically sticks to its brand values. In a world that is so dependent on digital communication, Lush quit certain social media outlets because they felt the outlets didn't align with their beliefs. I'm always impressed by their forward-thinking, bold actions, and activism. In addition, I love their packaging and products. Lush products are my go-to gift!  
Brand 2: Tatcha
I love that Tatcha refuses to compromise quality. Japanese skincare is next level, and Tatcha only uses the best ingredients to ensure they create the optimal formulas for their customers.
Brand 3: Chick-Fil-A
I'm sure it's pretty obvious why this one is a favorite - Chick-fil-A's customer service is unmatched! And as much as I sometimes dislike them being closed on Sundays, I love that they stick to their beliefs and prioritize rest for their employees.

Jodie Warner | Research Coordinator
Brand 1: Kindle
I absolutely love reading but don’t have the storage for actual books. Kindle offers me the ability to read any and all books I want and keep them stored in their own little device.
Brand 2: Wood Wick Candles
Their candles are my absolute favorite! The scents are amazing and the crackling sounds are so relaxing.
Brand 3: Express
Their clothing is long-lasting and fits my body type perfectly.

Kayla Koger | Design and Content Coordinator
Brand 1: Apple
By far my favorite brand because I use it every day! I love that all the devices I own connect; it is a huge part of my everyday and work life!
Brand 2: Lululemon
I wear lululemon almost every single day! It is the perfect apparel to lounge in and it's always so comfortable.
Brand 3: Aritzia
My new favorite brand! They have a variety of apparel from work attire to loungewear. Every single piece is well made, basic, and versatile.

Nicole Malley | Events and Content Coordinator
Brand 1: Apple
I am a loyal Apple user and have been since I got my first iPhone back in middle school. I have all the Apple products and way too many empty Apple boxes that I'll never reuse.
Brand 2: Converse
I've worn converse since middle school and I just consider them an iconic brand that can tie together any outfit.
Brand 3: SunBum
I love that their products are cruelty-free and that they care about the planet. Also, their products are phenomenal and I love the way they smell, it’s the only sunscreen I use during the summer!

Ryan Cobb | Operations Coordinator
Brand 1: Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts is a video game company, also known as EA Sports. This company offers some of my favorite video games that I play.
Brand 2: YouTube
YouTube is a streaming platform that I go to whenever I need instructions on how to do something or to learn new things, such as coding or gaming!
Brand 3: Amazon
Amazon is an awesome brand, it’s where I go to order just about anything my mind can think of and it delivers right to my door.

Jacie Chandler | Junior Copywriter
Brand 1: Hydro Flask
If I want to drink enough water for the day, I need my hydro flask. The company also promotes using less plastic water bottles, which is great for the environment, and I’m all about that!
Brand 2: Apple
My Mac and iPhone are my main tools for getting anything accomplished–plus their products are very sleek, high quality, and long-lasting!
Brand 3: Vans
I wear my vans almost every day as they are comfortable and go with anything. I like the flexibility the shoes offer!

Do you have a favorite brand that you think is killing it right now? Let us know in the comments.

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