Has your team taken the Myers Briggs test? Do you know your colleagues’ Enneagram types? At Frances Roy, we take these assessments to give our employees a better understanding of those they work closely with. Our team uses these indicators to help us work together cohesively to produce the best work possible for our clients. Here’s how knowing your employees’ personality types can help your business:

  1. You’ll learn their communication preferences (and they will know yours). Does a coworker always seem short when they reply to your emails? Do you wish work meetings wouldn’t drag on with personal chit chat? Knowing the personality types of those around you lets you know how others like to communicate in person, through email, in meetings, and more. Once you learn the personality traits of others on your team, we are positive it will help you better understand and empathize with your colleagues.
  2. It’s a guidebook for managing employees. By understanding employees’ personality types, you discover what motivates, energizes, and drains your team members. Also, you will learn how to give feedback to each individual in the way they best like to receive it. The tailored communication approach is not only the best way to get across to every employee, but it is also a technique that will benefit the entire team.
  3. Your team will work with optimum efficiency. Are all of your team members currently in the best position for themselves? Do they work on projects they are passionate about? Knowing employees’ strengths, weaknesses, stressors, and motivations help supervisors delegate work to the most appropriate individuals. Giving team members tasks that invigorate them will lead to happier employees, resulting in lower turnover rates and fewer expenses for the business owner. 

Overall, learning employees’ preferences is a no brainer because it benefits all parties involved. Our team has taken both the Myers Briggs and Enneagrams assessments to determine our characteristics. We’ve recorded podcasts on each to share what we have learned throughout the process. You can listen to the Myers Briggs episode here and the Enneagram episode here. We’ve seen such success with helping other local businesses implement the importance of personality types in their organizations that we also created an Enneagrams in the Workplace Guide to help other companies use this information to their advantage. To receive your free copy of this guidebook, visit francesroy.com and sign up for our newsletter.