Here at Frances Roy, we seek motivation and inspiration through books, movies, podcasts, music, magazines, blogs, and so forth. Creativity presents itself in many forms and we harness that creativity through these exposures. By sharing our team RWL’s with you, we hope to extend this inspiration and offer it as a platform for contagious creativity. As we present our individual RWL’s, we ask you to share your own RWL’s with us. Where do you find creative inspiration?

Shantelle P. Dedicke, CMP 

President/Chief Creative Officer
R: The Beauty Chef Gut Guide by Carla Oates, Untamed by Glennon Doyle, and The New Filipino Kitchen, Stories and Recipes from Around the Globe by Jacqueline Chio-Lauri
W: Cobra Kai (Netflix and an absolute MUST for Karate Kid fans), Masterclass (Goodby and Silverstein, Advertising and Brandon McMillian, Dog Training)
L: Curated “Chill Mix” on Apple Music and whatever Megan Patterson is playlisting in the J.Leon Ceramic Studio on Friday afternoons

Janae Erickson, Art Director
R: G’Day Frank on Medium
W: Down to Earth with Zac Efron 
L: Biz Buds

Hillaree Durso, Content Director 
R: HBR’s Mental Toughness and Stacked Marketer Newsletter 
W: Yellowstone
L: Earn Your Happy podcast – Ep. Fear is just a four-letter word with Tracy Tutor

Kelsey Doar, Marketing Manager 
R: The Foundation Blog by Kate Eskuri
W: Mindhunter
L: The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides on Audible

Jodie Warner, Research Coordinator 
R: Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer
W: Binge watching Sons of Anarchy again and about to start Yellowstone
L: Crime Junkie and Casefile True Crime

Rinn Garlanger, Brand Designer 
R: Mythos by Stephen Fry
W: Shameless & Hamilton on repeat
L: Rowena Tsai on YouTube

Kayla Koger, Art Assistant 
R: School books
W: Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix
L:  My Favorite Murderer with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Share yours with us here!