Have you ever asked a friend, colleague, etc. what they are reading or what their favorite book is, and they reply “I don’t read”? We have, and we’re here to tell you if anyone shares that with you, it simply isn’t true. We’re conditioned to believe that if we don’t have a room filled with hard copy books then we are “readers”, but we all consume content through reading on a daily basis. 

Whether we peruse the pages of a magazine, dive deep into our Kindle nightly, or scour our infinite number of emails, we are all readers. A Thrive Global article titled The Deep-Reading Brain and the Good Life shares the importance reading has had over our society and culture over time and notes that  “Reading represents one of the most important epigenetic breakthroughs in the history of the species; our very history was made possible by it.” Wow! Have you ever thought of reading that way? We often think of reading as a fun hobby (if you love it) or a chore (if you don’t), but considering that it is one of the most fundamental pieces of our society is eye-opening to say the least. 

Because reading is a crucial way that we consume information, our team shares what each of us are reading (along with what we are watching and listening to) with our audience to give them insight on where we gather creative information. In case you missed it, Shantelle breaks down our thought process behind our quarterly R.W.L. (Read, Watch, Listen) on our latest mini-series on the Hello Frances Podcast. She begins with the “R” and shares what reads she’s currently consuming. 

What are you reading these days (because you are reading!)? Let us know in the comments!