Startups allow for creativity, flexibility, and collaboration in a way that other companies cannot. They are a breeding ground for innovation and new ideas. Although startups can’t offer the perks of corporate jobs, startup culture alone is a plus. Below we’ve outline why startup culture fosters the best work environments.


  • Collaboration – Startup culture thrives on people working together and collaborating on an array of projects. Sharing a small space with people usually leads to a large amount of collaboration and a tight-knit workforce.


  • Lack of bureaucracy – Startups usually have a flat organizational structure and a lack of bureaucracy. Employees don’t need to go through draining bureaucratic processes to accomplish tasks. Often, employees can speak directly to supervisors since there is less rigidity with regard to authority.


  • Accountability – As there are fewer employees, everyone is accountable for the success of the company. Therefore, people tend to work harder since they can clearly see the results of their work. On the other hand, there is more visibility for failures and less room to slack off and not give 100%.


  • Visibility – Although corporate jobs claim to integrate visibility and transparency with their employees, these factors  are integral to startups. Due to the small workforce, each member is visible and accounted for. This also allows for more open communication with one another and transparency within the company.



  • More opportunities and responsibility – In startups, one often becomes a jack-of-all-trades. You are given opportunities to learn new skills and try on new hats to see which is the best fit. Supervisors are often more willing to teach new things and train employees in new skills. In addition to this, each person, with their own skill set and talent, is given more responsibility and offers new ways of thinking and problem solving.


  • Overall great work environment – Startups attract innovative, creative, and driven people. Everyone is committed and passionate about their work. This creates an environment where people learn and feed off each other to create fresh and new ideas. Startups create a tight-knit group of creatives committed to forging new paths in their field. Plus, you can where whatever you want.


As a startup, Frances Roy team members collaborate on projects, think differently, and promote creativity. Working as a startup allows us to venture into new paths and approach each task with a mindset for innovation. It is truly what makes us different, and we love it.