Tips for Event Planning in 2021

Frances Roy AgencyJuly 26, 2021

Events are back; however, post-pandemic, we now have new aspects when planning an in-person gathering. If you are planning an event for your organization this year, we have a few tips to help your preparation and execution run smoothly.

Get creative. 

Although the landscape has changed in many ways, the pandemic brought new life into the event business. Events are no longer carbon copies of the one before. Planners need to think outside of the box and make their occasion appeal to their target audience more than ever. One perk that has come from this overhaul is that planners can be creative. There are no more rules for how events are supposed to look. Should your event be completely online? In-person? A hybrid? What will your target audience prefer? Don't be afraid to get creative with your events and try something new!

Start early. 

Make sure you start planning your events well in advance. We saw firsthand many events rescheduled due to the pandemic. Be sure that you are fully prepared and start booking caterers, entertainment, and venues (to name a few) ahead of time. Getting a head start also allows you to execute a solid promotional strategy to spread the word and get more attendees to your event.

Prioritize communication. 

Communication needs to be a priority when planning and executing an event. Ensuring that every party involved has the resources they need along the way is the best avenue to pulling off a successful celebration. Miscommunication can quickly derail an event, making what could be a great success a total failure. Although this step is essential to keep in mind throughout the entire process, day-of communication methods should be discussed beforehand. Whoever is in charge should make sure everyone involved is kept in the loop and ensure that all parties involved know their best contact person and preferred method of communication for any hiccups that may arise. 

How have you altered your event planning process this year? What tips would you give someone planning an event in 2021?

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