Tips for Event Planning in 2022 

Frances Roy AgencyMarch 22, 2022

As we make our way through 2022, we quickly learn that some things make event planning easier. Our team finds solutions and tactics for each of our clients to help navigate through event planning. The result? We uncovered these top three tips your business should consider when planning an event.

Research Your Tools

Event planning is easier with tools for event aspects such as registration or team management. For events with limited tickets or required registration, use tools like Eventbrite or Whova to help keep track of sales and streamline event check-in. When planning events, you collaborate with your team to accomplish tasks; therefore, a team management tool like Trello or Monday will help keep everyone on the same page. By researching the tools that will fit your business best, you’re one step closer to a successful event!

Be Creative with Digital Content

Digital content continues to evolve in its placement, display, and absorption year after year. Seize a chance to have fun and be creative with your content through polls, surveys, live videos, and more! Always be mindful of your brand’s voice and tone when picking what content to promote your event, whether on social media or through other forms of digital media. Consider content that is easily shareable, relevant, and engaging for your audience to help get the word out about your upcoming event!

Know How to Plan a Hybrid Event

We’ve seen many live events successfully shift to hybrid formats to allow guests to attend virtually or in-person. This flexibility allows guests to attend your event, whether it is out of personal preference to go virtually or because the physical location is too far for them to attend. By having the tools and procedures ready to go hybrid for events, you can save live events from canceling or low attendance by offering a virtual experience.

What new ideas or tools are you implementing into your event planning for 2022?

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